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HD Videos

1st July

107 pics &
HD Video Clip

Nylon Capers
High Definition Video
Drew in Nylon Capers
9 mins 15 secs - 356 mb

Drew starts off in a nylon mac and rain bonnet which she changes for a long green hooded mac and a water shower . The mac ending up soaking wet and looking better and better as it gets wetter and wetter. Imogen also appears after Drew removing her rain bonnet and folding it up and putting it away.
Three very beautiful and glamorous ladies looking particularly lovely in rainwear on hot summer days. This is something very special and something I do find very appealing especially when the macs are wet as well. . The lovely Louise is in a red Rukka mac and black wellies with red laces. Over her Rukka she is wearing a very wet short glass clear trench coat belted around her waist. The sun making the macs steam up and with her hooded and with an umbrella, what could be better to make a summers day perfect. More of Lavinia playing about with the airplanes, this time in a long smooth navy mac and red Hunter wellies and finding that the best way to show off her boots was to hang from one of the propellers and kick her legs in the air. Violet looks absolutely perfect silhouetted against the sun in her long clear mac and silver Hunter wellies. With the river behind her and a beautiful smile on her face, it does show she loves being her and after bringing up the hood it only improves the whole view of this beauty.
Drew starts off in a thin long navy nylon coat with a concertina rain bonnet on her head and tied under her chin and slowly wanders over to where there is a long green nylon coat waiting for her. Removing her rain bonnet and folding it up into its case and then her mac she reveals a green nylon rain suit underneath which she displays very beautifully before dressing in the green nylon coat over the suit. When the suit is fully buttoned and zipped and she is hooded she then moves over to where the water hose has been set up as a shower. Slowly immersing herself in the showers water the mac ends up very soaking wet and looks quite incredible as it gets wetter and wetter. Imogen is wearing a red nylon mac and red wellies and a concertina rain bonnet and she repeats Drew's action of removing her bonnet and folding it back into its case.

24th June

115 pics &
HD Video Clip

Black Beauty
High Definition Video
Ivory in Black Beauty
9 mins 55 secs - 384 mb

First Ivory has a choice of shiny black pvc macs to wear and she slowly makes her choice of a very long belted one which goes perfectly with her shiny black boots. A matching rain hat, red gloves to go with the red laces in her boots and a red umbrella and she is ready to adjourn outdoors with a long black shiny cape over her arm which she also gets to wear.
Short jackets and see thru macs being a good way to show off the ladies, their bodies and their rainwear so that is what we do. First there is Imogen in a short red nylon jacket and shiny red Hunter wellies and very little else as it was a hot summers day and pulling up the jacket to show off her knickers only adds to the pleasure of seeing her like this. After pulling up the hood and bringing one leg up the post she looks better still. Louise is wearing a clear white spotted mac over her back lingerie, fishnet stockings and high heels. The fact the mac is a little big on her makes her look even cuter and after buttoning up the mac raises the hood and slowly begins to tighten it around her head. Eventually only her nose and lips are on view and she was very delighted with the resulting feelings this gave her. For Ivory over her tiny red lingerie there was a short glass clear red edged mac and short loose fitting red wellies. Finding some shade to protect her very pale skin she looks so very beautiful posing in her mac and showing off her body. A very short summer dress and a long clear mac and striped wellies for Lavinia and very glamorous she looks too as she spotted an old red red phone box that still had a working phone in it and just had to try it out. Very happy in her mac and boots even though it was a hot day as I am sure you are seeing her like this.
Simon loves to see the ladies fully covered and well protected in their rainwear and says he thinks the best way is to have the ladies just in the way you see Celeste here. Trousers and jacket, a mac over the top, gloves, boots and a cape for good measure and with an umbrella for no other reason than he loves to see umbrellas in use (just as I do). Of course each garment must be hooded so three hoods end up being worn at the same time. On a cold windy day like the one Celeste is out in this and hoping for rain this type of outfit really is the perfect one and even better if it is all of the same colour.

17th June

121 pics &
HD Video Clip

White Water
High Definition Video
Lavinia in White Water
6 mins 00 secs - 231 mb

Finding this ford in the middle of a village was very convenient when Lavinia was out looking for water to play around in. Dressed in a white spotted mac and white Hunter wellies with a white umbrella she was very happy to play around in the water as it was a hot day and this provided her with great amusement as you can see, including taking a look in the tunnels and then finishing up on the convenient bench.
Three more occasions with the ladies out and about and very fine they look too. Alexia is wearing a hooded very shiny black plastic mac which she has belted very tightly and black rubber riding boots. Even though the day was very hot she had no problem wearing the mac buttoned and hooded and wanted to move to the edge of the road with the traffic passing by. With her beautiful smile and fishnet stockings on show the traffic was missing one of the best roadside displays of the day. Lavinia is at the local plane museum and wearing a short pink pvc jacket and pink patterned wellies she certainly attracted a lot of attention as you expect. The planes as a backdrop made Lavinia very happy and wanted to climb all over them but at this moment it was look but no touching. Anita was down on the beach on a cold day a while ago, she is dressed in a long shiny purple mac and purple Hunter wellies. Hooded with the mac loose to begin with then with the belt and hood tied in position it was time to move out to the edge of the water and into the cold wind. After this is was time to take a seat out of the wind and the moment to show off her sand covered wellies.
I have many rainwear rubber lovers thankfully so it is always a good thing to have the ladies in rubber whenever possible. Keith G is one of these people and he loves to see the girls in full rubber with waders and sou'westers, so here is Celeste and Imogen dressed in such. Asking to see them sitting with their legs apart and knees pulled up to show off the waders is one way to likes to see them and of course with the sou'westers tightly tied under the chin. This is what you like and what you have asked to see so this is what you get, please enjoy everybody.

10th June

112 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helping Hands
High Definition Video
Ivory in Helping Hands
4 mins 25 secs - 171 mb

Having Ivory offering to help out with a little gardening was a very pleasant offer and having her dressed for such a job was an even better idea. Orange work jacket and trousers and very heavy orange rubber safety boots and rubber gloves and she was away with the hedge trimmer, but being a warm day she had to take off the top to reveal her naked body underneath.
There is always work to be done in my garden so having some 'working' girls around is always very much appreciated. Ivory offered to help with some gardening as it is something she loves to do and misses it as she now lives in a third floor flat. Very keen to take her up on her offer so with her dressed in orange work clothes and heavy orange safety wellies, things started off with a couple of hiccups. First she did not realise the strimmer was not plugged in as the extension lead had been used elsewhere and then the chainsaw would not start, so it had to be the hedge trimmer for this time. Not long before she came too hot in her hooded jacket so off it came to reveal her naked body which as always is a glorious sight to behold. Drew also wanted to help so with her in a purple nylon jacket and purple Hunter wellies she helped to rake up the branches that had been cut down. In her hooded very short jacket and bare wellied legs, it was a perfect outfit for the job in hand on a very hot day. Shannon was very sad to see the state of my old greenhouse, as am I, but it has just about come to the end of its life in the current form. Dressed in a long red Rukka mac and heavy red toe capped wellies she did help pick up some of the broken glass and clear out some of the rubbish. She said though she is willing to help again, something I will be taking her up on as it is a good excuse to have her dressed like this again.
A lovely way to stay warm and dry outdoors in the cold weather is by wearing rainwear over winter coats. It is something I have take to very readily in the last few years and now have a large collection of winter coats for this purpose. This is making Gordon and Peter g very happy as they both have asked to see more of this whenever possible. Taken earlier in the year, Celeste is wearing a thick black fur lined pvc coat with a matching fur hood and then has a long yellow mac over the top. The mac being belted, buttoned and hooded which then made a lovely outfit for climbing around on frost covered straw bales. Siren has on a long blue mac over her parka hooded coat and was grateful for the extra protection for the sun belies just how cold the day was. Looking like she does it is obvious why people like to see the ladies dressed like this.

3rd June

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

A New Star
High Definition Video
Imogen in A New Star
6 mins 40 secs - 255 mb

Imogen is a wonderful new star now featuring on the site. She is loving being here in all weathers. A very windy day and she is in a long green cape on top of a small mound trying to catch as much of the wind as she can. Then testing out my new mud pit while dressed all in blue with tow umbrellas instead of the usual one.
My first little rainwear interlude with another new lady to the rainwear scene by the name of Lily-Ana. With Lily dressed in a along see thru red mac and myself in a shorter version of the same and both of us in red wellies and sharing a red umbrella, we made it outdoors just as it was stopping raining, but is was a delightful introduction to another lady who is very happy to be here. When Lavinia and Alexia were out together they were at one time dressed in red macs with black see thru ones over the top down at the rivers edge. Getting a little too close to the edge before they sat themselves onto the long bench and had a little wellie kicking session before they tightened the hoods and wandered off together. When Drew first bought Isabelle around they both ended up sitting on the lounge sofa and fooling around with each other. Both of them dressed in long loose macs and wellies, yellow for Drew and pink for Isabelle they draped themselves over each other and then hooded each other, pulling them as tight as possible down over their heads and then finished off with their rubber booted feet up on the coffee table.
The lovely beautiful blonde Imogen is here again I am happy to say and doesn't she look gorgeous dressed in her rainwear. A beautiful new star to my site who is loving every minute of being here. In a bright yellow heavy duty riding mac all buttoned and belted along with bright red wellies and a red umbrella she makes her way through the pathway and adding a matching sou'wester to her outfit as she goes. Swinging herself around the gate post and tipping down the brim on the sou'wester as she goes. A very windy day and wearing a long green semi see thru cape she dances and twirls herself to the top of the mound to catch the full force of the strong wind. This was something she had never done before on purpose but did enjoy it and doesn't she cute with the hood fully tightened around her face. In along blue mac and blue Hunter wellies she wanted to go and have a proper look at my new mud pit. Pulling back the black plastic she found a little mud underneath and soon muddied her boots as much as possible. Then with two blue umbrellas opened up she continue to dance and play around in the mud, all the time with a huge smile on her face.

27th May

131 pics &
HD Video Clip

Steaming Up
High Definition Video
Helena in Steaming Up
8 mins 30 secs - 267 mb

See thru wet macs look so lovely when they are worn over the top of each other and they steam up, especially in the hot weather. So in a red rain suit with a clear pair of trousers over the top and a red mac, then comes a wet yellow one and then a wet clear trench coat and then it is out in the sun to make sure they steam up as much as possible.
Five of my ladies again dressed in the way I do hope you like. First there is Violet looking very stunning in nylon trousers and jacket with the hood loosely pulled up over her head. With the trousers tucked into her wellies and the lovely smile on her face the combination is irresistible. A sunny windy day and Mallory is out in a long green hooded Jeantex mac. The lovely thing about these macs is just how smooth and soft they are which is why Mallory likes it so much. The belt tied as tight as possible and the hood tightened around her head as she ventures from the shade into the sun. Isabelle has become a very quick fan of this style of dressing up and does like the lingerie and mac combination, so when teamed with bare legs and yellow wellies to go with the yellow mac, I am very happy to let her dress this way as often as she likes. Then comes my lovely latest lady by the name of Louise, a friend of Imogen who was so taken with the pics of her friend that she wanted to join in as well. She is so beautiful as you can see and has such a beautiful smile and she does look so gorgeous in her first mac and wellies. The silver trench coat and glitter wellies looking so good with her fishnet stockings. Siren loves my collection and is always happy to play around with the macs when she can. Dressed in a pink mac and white patterned wellies she was going to help me put things away but instead only pulled out more macs to look at, not that I minded, of course.
Depending on your mood everybody wants different things at different times and rainwear is just the same. Shiny black on a hot sunny day, doesn't it look just fantastic as the bright light reflects off the black plastic. In a very tightly belted long very shiny trench coat and rubber riding boots and sou'wester polished to match the coat I stepped outdoors making sure the mac was fully buttoned as well and I had gloves on as it all helps to keep the bugs off me, as my body is usually top of their feeding list. First with the sou'wester hanging loose then with the mac collar turned up and the sou'wester tied up over the collar I felt lovely as I was in the mood for hot plastic. See thru wet macs look so lovely when they are worn over the top of each other and they steam up, especially in the hot weather. So starting in a red rain suit, I donned a second pair of trousers, the red ones being tucked into my wellies and the second clear pair over the top of the wellies. Then a long red mac to go with the red wellies and red rubber gloves followed by a yellow one that I wet with the water hose as I did with my red one. Then I selected a clear trench coat and turned the hose into a shower as I tied that around me. Then, when the macs were thoroughly wet it was time to go out in the sun to make sure they steamed up as much as possible by laying down and let the sun 'cook' me a little. Another good thing about the macs being wet is that is does stop you from boiling over! I love my Rukka macs and this blue one for a little trip across the fields trying to find my husbands lost sun glasses. That was not successful but he thought my mode of dress was very successful.

20th May

131 pics &
HD Video Clip
Alexia & Helena

Cleaning Up
High Definition Video
Alexia & Helena in Cleaning Up
9 mins 15 secs - 292 mb

Dirty macs and waders means it is time for a little cleaningand a good excuse to dress in rubber as you do this. Alexia was fully dressed and she hosed down and wiped the mud of the mac she she is wearing. I cleaned my waders by first trying to hose the, but then decided to wear them as I finished the job before drying them off in the hot sun.
Rubber clad ladies is so popular so I am very happy to post as much rubber rainwear as possible on these pages. The mac that Alexia is wearing was a little dirty so with her wearing the mac and long black rubber riding boots along with gloves and sou'wester she proceeded to wet the mac with the water hose and they tried to rub it clean with her gloved hands. This, of course looked so much more delightful when covered in water and glistening in the bright daylight and seating herself on the grass only enhanced her appearance. The waders and long rubber gloves were also very dirty so with myself in a shorter rubber coat and traditional short black rubber wellies, I started to give these a good hose down and clean. Deciding it would be a much better idea to actually wear the waders while doing this, which I did. As it was a very hot day the waders actually dried so quickly that they are going to need cleaning again properly very soon. Elle is looking lovely in a very heavy long rubber coat, heavy wellies and long gloves being worn over the coat sleeves. The combination of the tightly belted mac and the sou'wester left untied leaves her sultry and stunning at the same time.
Anita, Celeste and Lavinia all dressed in a very appropriate manner even it is not actually raining. It was a cold day when Anita was leaving by train. It looked like rain and the forecast was rain so I lent her this lovely blue hooded and belted mac which she loves as well as it is so soft to to touch Getting early to the train station meant we had time to take these pics in the cold and wet before her train arrived, something she was very grateful to see when it did arrive. A gold pvc trench coat and short red wellies for Celeste and looking very glamorous with the mac fully buttoned and belted. Very happy to play around on the chopped down trees and after fitting a clear but red spotted rain bonnet onto her head takes a sit down on the edge of the pathway. Dressed perfectly for the rain but it did just not happen. For Lavinia it had just stopped raining and managed to only catch the final few drops. Dressed in a red riding coat and riding boots she did have a chance to kick her way along the very wet road and with a sou'wester loosely fitted on her head succeeded in looking very glamorous at the same time.

13th May

116 pics &
HD Video Clip

Mud Larking
High Definition Video
Lavinia in Mud Larking
6 mins 40 secs - 211 mb

Lavinia was very excited when she saw my new mud pit and could not wait to play in it. So dressed in red rain trousers and jacket with a red mac over the top she first hosed the mud to make it as wet and slimy as possible and then she sat down and covered her rainwear in the wet mud and ended up looking very pleased with herself.
Now the weather is a lot warmer it is good to get outdoors while wearing less rainwear as well as indoors. Lavinia loves to play the mistress and does seem to have a natural ability towards this talent. With her in white knickers and white stockings, white Hunter wellies and a long clear mac look stunning on her. Put her in front of a cross with a whip in her hand and all she wants now is a play thing which I am sure I can find for her in the near future. The gorgeous Isabelle is wearing a see thru red trench coat over her bikini with very shiny red wellies. There is also a matching red rain hat on her head. She delights in slowly undoing the mac to show off her body and giving a delightful twirl as she lifts up the mac to show her bare booted legs and bare bottom. Imogen is also outdoors in her lingerie and her silver hooded mac and spotted wellies. Leaving the hood up she releases the poppers to show off her legs and body before sitting herself down on the grass and keeping the mac peeled back, again to keep her body, legs and boots on view. For myself it is very shiny black rainwear on a sunny day and a little hot to keep the mac fully buttoned and belted for very long. So first the mac buttons were undone to show of my short skirt and tight blouse and I then unbuttoned the blouse as well and did keep the shiny black matching rain hat on my head for a while before that had to go as well. This was the first time wore this glass clear mac and she was not keen to take it off which is why I ended up with these extra pics of her. Over her white lingerie she reveled in the smooth plastic and found it very comforting as she pulled the hood up tight around her head.
Lian has said that he thinks girls in short jackets and Hunter wellies look so sweet, so short and sweet it is. These were actually taken a while ago in the first shoot with Lavinia and Alexia and so this has to be the perfect time to show them. Matching short clear jackets with Alexia in blue and Lavinia in green Hunter wellies it was not long before they started fooling around and enjoying themselves. After they had tightened the hoods on the jackets this only encouraged them to start laughing and joking even more.

6th May

128 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena, Lavinia, Celests & Violet

Ladies in Bonnets
High Definition Video
Lavinia, Celeste, Violet & Helena in Ladies in Bonnets
11 mins 30 secs - 362 mb

Nylon macs and concertina rain bonnets from BJ and here is Violet, Lavinia enjoying the delights of these items. Violet in the navy mac slowly removes the bonnet from its case and proceeds to tie it onto her head and smiles to herself and she does so. Lavinia and myself were in the garden, Lavinia in the Navy and myself in the red nylon. We tie each other bonnets onto out heads and make sure each of us has it right
Eight of my beautiful rainwear ladies plus myself, each of us with a little rainwear interlude to be enjoyed by yourselves. First here is Alexia in a long very smooth classy navy mac and enjoying a little of the warm weather. Then there is Celeste in silver with silver wellies and playing around on the grass, including doing the splits. Then Shannon in a yellow Rukka, yellow wellies and yellow gloves looking very appealing sitting on the table with her legs apart showing her lingerie and bare legs. Next is Siren and Imogen out in the sun in long macs admiring the beautiful cherry blossom which only lasts a few days of the year. Next is Mallory in a rain suit who wanted to take this suit home as she thought it would be perfect dog walking gear on the cold days. A cold day and Drew is out in blue with her favourite style of wellies, those with laces. Myself in a thin riding mac testing out my new Hunter riding boots and new spurs. Lastly the lovely Anita dressed in two macs red and see thru black just because it is always a good idea to dress like this when you wish to.
Gas masks and rainwear do go together so well for many and having a huge collection of gas masks it is always nice to see my ladies wearing them and for me to wear, of course. John G has asked to see a lot more of my 'delightful masks' as he put it and he especially likes to see the ladies holding them and putting them on as much as he likes to see them tightly strapped in position. First with myself in green, a green mask mask is tightened in place then the macs hood tightened around the mask enclosing me in completely. Violet is wearing a very bright red mac and has a dark red gas mask to go with it, which again she donns and then hoods herself as well. Siren is wearing silver and has a glitter covered gas mask which she puts on before the macs matching rain hat. This outfit looking very cute on a very cute beautiful lady.

29th April

127 pics &
HD Video Clip

Still Cold
High Definition Video
Helena in Still Cold
9 mins 35 secs - 302 mb

It is still very cold some days and on our home form lunch we stopped off at the beach and just missed the rain in doing so. Wearing my lovely smooth blue mac and high heels for starters I did change into red wellies which are always so much more practical (I always carry a pair in the car) for the beach and the ride home
The sun has been shining a lot lately and it is warming up as well which it should be doing as Spring is here. This means of course that it is time to get the ladies out in the sunshine but still dressed for the rain, of course. Celeste is wearing a blue see thru mac and navy wellies and being silhouetted against the sun it does show off her lovely body at the same time. After tightly hooding herself she also shows again just how nimble her body is by placing her ankle on top of the post with her boot higher than her head. Swinging from the gate helped to keep the smile on her face. Alexia is in a clear trench coat and short red rubber boots, the mac is fully buttoned and belted and she is silhouetted against the sun as well. That beautiful smile of hers is very obvious as she relishes her time down at the pond. Bright sun and Shannon in a blue mac and her new sun glasses and showing off her lingerie. She pulls up and ties the hood as tight as possible but leaves the mac open until she pulls it around her as a cold breeze blows through the garden. Siren has just bought around a good friend of hers, Imogen, a beautiful blonde with a lovely figure who has been very keen to come around since she found out what Siren was up to. These two beautiful ladies wearing clear macs over their lingerie and knee high wellies are outdoors on the grass soaking up some of the days warm sun. Playing and cuddling up together is always on the cards with these two so expect to see some more of Imogen and these two together very soon.
Violet in rubber, myself in blue and Anita in green out on the colder days and waiting patiently for the weather to warm up. Violet is wearing a short rubber coat and traditional short black rubber wellies The mac is belted and she is also wearing rubber gloves and carrying a black rubber sou'wester. With the sou'wester tied on her head she first takes a seat on the slope and then makes her way to the bottom looking particularly glamorous as she does so. It is still very cold some days and on our home form lunch we stopped off at the beach and just missed the rain in doing so. Wearing my lovely smooth blue mac and high heels for starters I did change into red wellies which are always so much more practical (I always carry a pair in the car) for the beach and the ride home of course. Anita had not been to this beach before and was very happy on top of the cliff even though it was blowing a cold wind. In a green Rukka mac and patterned wellies she played with the telescope and climbed all over the fence just to make sure she did not miss anything.

22nd April

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

New Mud Pool
High Definition Video
Helena in New Mud Pool
7 mins 25 secs - 286 mb

Last year I made a small paddling pool in my garden, this year I have decided to turn it into a small mud pool. So wearing a long yellow mac and after turning up the mud the water pressure washer was ideal to soften up the mud. Adding a wet black mac to my outfit I was able to take a seat to try out my efforts This can only get better as the year progresses.
When any of us are with someone else all dressed up and fooling around together you will always see big happy smiles on our faces as this is what it is all about. Myself with Violet indoors in metallic retro macs and boots and sitting as close to each other as possible. Adding matching rain hats to our outfits then led to us cuddling each other as well as dressing like this only adds to the pleasure of being with one another. More of Lavinia and Alexia and this time with them both in loose fitting vintage macs with red for Lavinia and silver for Alexia. Lots of puddles from recent rain gave them both pleasure as they stamped and kicked their way through the mud and puddles. A sunny but windy day with Drew and Isabelle and both of them in semi see thru macs silhouetted against the sun as they laughed their way through the fields while play fighting and kicking at each other. With their hoods up it was time to get closer to each other which was something they could not wait to do.
Elle loved the idea of wearing three rain suits at the same time. First a black one, then a pink one and a clear one over the top. These suits came from Phil who I hope will like to see Elle in all three and also Jonnie who I know will like it as this is just what he has been asking for. They were a struggle for Elle to get into but this is one of the reasons she loved doing it and adored the feel of the three very tight suits and hoods against her body and felt very satisfied when the job was done. Next time we better do this outdoors.

15th April

111 pics &
HD Video Clip

A Dark Discovery
High Definition Video
Helena in A Dark Discovery
5 mins 40 secs - 220 mb

When we discovered and old ruined church on a afternoon out we had to stop and have a look around. As I was dressed in a long shiny black pvc mac which was fully buttoned and belted it was an opportunity too good to miss. Somewhere we will be returning to, but on a much warmer day as considering it is now Spring, it is still very cold, which does have the advantage that it is still time for macs and boots.
I feel very privileged to be able to give you these lovely pics of three of the most lovely ladies you could ever expect to see dressed in macs and boots. First there is the new and beautiful Alexia who loves dressing up and in this green heavy riding coat and black rubber riding boots she was enjoying herself, as you can tell from the big smile on her face. With the belt tightly tied she was more than happy to raise the mac to show off her legs and boots after splashing about in a small puddle that was left from the night before. Adjourning into the shade she added a black rubber sou'wester which is the perfect headgear for such an outfit. Anita's was wearing a clear trench coat with silver Hunter wellies and had with her a silver handled clear umbrella. She so wanted to go up the windmill but as it was closed we will save that for another day. It does however make a very attractive backdrop for a very attractive lady. This was Lavinia's first full rubber rainwear outfit and doesn't she look absolutely beautiful? A long belted rubber mac, black rubber boots, gloves and sou'wester. The mac was fully buttoned and belted as it would have been better if it had poured with rain instead of just a very small shower, but even that small shower shows up very nicely on the black rubber.
Both Nigel F and Jan T loves these semi transparent black macs so having two macs and two ladies it had to be a good time to put these ladies in these macs. Drew and Isabelle love to fool around together so first throwing piles of leaves over each other, then pretending to drive the mini tractor was how it started. The after doing up each other hoods they decided that jumping off the wall was a good idea even so after Drew ended up on her bottom on the floor.

8th April

109 pics &
HD Video Clip

Muddy Waters
High Definition Video
Celeste in Muddy Waters
6 mins 35 secs - 245 mb

We were hoping there was going to be a lot more mud but it was muddy enough for Celeste to play around in the waters edge. Dressed in a very heavy rubber coat, waders, sou'wester and gloves she started off by digging her feet into the mud and then donning a much bigger and longer pair of gloves over the others so she could pick up and squeeze lots of mud through her hands.
It is always so lovely to see my ladies looking very glamorous in their macs and boots and here are three examples which, I think prove me right. Anita is sitting on the table wearing just black bra and panties with a long clear mac and black spotted wellies. First with her legs together and then into the splits position before she ends up sitting cross legged a she pulls up the macs hood. With a big smile on her face she slowly pulls the hood tighter and tighter until playfully just her tongue is showing through the hood and finally just her nose. Alexia loved the look of this short red pvc jacket and with matching red high heels over her stockings and lingerie she really does look beautiful. Taking advantage of the warmer weather she is out in the garden and after buttoning up and belting the jacket she changes her heels for a red wellies and then wants to show them off in every way she can. I am so glad this lovely lady is with us and hope she is going to stay for long while. For Elle in her pink lingerie it was a long pink see thru mac and pink wellies and sitting on the end of the bed with her legs apart she undoes the mac and moves back on the bed where she exposes her huge breasts and then brings up the hood on the mac. This combination of a large breasted hood Elle really is a very stunning sight.
Many thanks to BJ for sending this red nylon coat for myself and the girls to use. Spring is arriving so a warm day and Celeste is the perfect opportunity to wear the mac and the concertina rain bonnet which was also sent in the pocket of the mac. I do have a video of Celeste putting on the rain bonnet which will be shown very soon along with pics and video of the navy mac he also sent.


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