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HD Videos

22nd April

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

New Mud Pool
High Definition Video
Helena in New Mud Pool
7 mins 25 secs - 286 mb

Last year I made a small paddling pool in my garden, this year I have decided to turn it into a small mud pool. So wearing a long yellow mac and after turning up the mud the water pressure washer was ideal to soften up the mud. Adding a wet black mac to my outfit I was able to take a seat to try out my efforts This can only get better as the year progresses.
When any of us are with someone else all dressed up and fooling around together you will always see big happy smiles on our faces as this is what it is all about. Myself with Violet indoors in metallic retro macs and boots and sitting as close to each other as possible. Adding matching rain hats to our outfits then led to us cuddling each other as well as dressing like this only adds to the pleasure of being with one another. More of Lavinia and Alexia and this time with them both in loose fitting vintage macs with red for Lavinia and silver for Alexia. Lots of puddles from recent rain gave them both pleasure as they stamped and kicked their way through the mud and puddles. A sunny but windy day with Drew and Isabelle and both of them in semi see thru macs silhouetted against the sun as they laughed their way through the fields while play fighting and kicking at each other. With their hoods up it was time to get closer to each other which was something they could not wait to do.
Elle loved the idea of wearing three rain suits at the same time. First a black one, then a pink one and a clear one over the top. These suits came from Phil who I hope will like to see Elle in all three and also Jonnie who I know will like it as this is just what he has been asking for. They were a struggle for Elle to get into but this is one of the reasons she loved doing it and adored the feel of the three very tight suits and hoods against her body and felt very satisfied when the job was done. Next time we better do this outdoors.

15th April

111 pics &
HD Video Clip

A Dark Discovery
High Definition Video
Helena in A Dark Discovery
5 mins 40 secs - 220 mb

When we discovered and old ruined church on a afternoon out we had to stop and have a look around. As I was dressed in a long shiny black pvc mac which was fully buttoned and belted it was an opportunity too good to miss. Somewhere we will be returning to, but on a much warmer day as considering it is now Spring, it is still very cold, which does have the advantage that it is still time for macs and boots.
I feel very privileged to be able to give you these lovely pics of three of the most lovely ladies you could ever expect to see dressed in macs and boots. First there is the new and beautiful Alexia who loves dressing up and in this green heavy riding coat and black rubber riding boots she was enjoying herself, as you can tell from the big smile on her face. With the belt tightly tied she was more than happy to raise the mac to show off her legs and boots after splashing about in a small puddle that was left from the night before. Adjourning into the shade she added a black rubber sou'wester which is the perfect headgear for such an outfit. Anita's was wearing a clear trench coat with silver Hunter wellies and had with her a silver handled clear umbrella. She so wanted to go up the windmill but as it was closed we will save that for another day. It does however make a very attractive backdrop for a very attractive lady. This was Lavinia's first full rubber rainwear outfit and doesn't she look absolutely beautiful? A long belted rubber mac, black rubber boots, gloves and sou'wester. The mac was fully buttoned and belted as it would have been better if it had poured with rain instead of just a very small shower, but even that small shower shows up very nicely on the black rubber.
Both Nigel F and Jan T loves these semi transparent black macs so having two macs and two ladies it had to be a good time to put these ladies in these macs. Drew and Isabelle love to fool around together so first throwing piles of leaves over each other, then pretending to drive the mini tractor was how it started. The after doing up each other hoods they decided that jumping off the wall was a good idea even so after Drew ended up on her bottom on the floor.

8th April

109 pics &
HD Video Clip

Muddy Waters
High Definition Video
Celeste in Muddy Waters
6 mins 35 secs - 245 mb

We were hoping there was going to be a lot more mud but it was muddy enough for Celeste to play around in the waters edge. Dressed in a very heavy rubber coat, waders, sou'wester and gloves she started off by digging her feet into the mud and then donning a much bigger and longer pair of gloves over the others so she could pick up and squeeze lots of mud through her hands.
It is always so lovely to see my ladies looking very glamorous in their macs and boots and here are three examples which, I think prove me right. Anita is sitting on the table wearing just black bra and panties with a long clear mac and black spotted wellies. First with her legs together and then into the splits position before she ends up sitting cross legged a she pulls up the macs hood. With a big smile on her face she slowly pulls the hood tighter and tighter until playfully just her tongue is showing through the hood and finally just her nose. Alexia loved the look of this short red pvc jacket and with matching red high heels over her stockings and lingerie she really does look beautiful. Taking advantage of the warmer weather she is out in the garden and after buttoning up and belting the jacket she changes her heels for a red wellies and then wants to show them off in every way she can. I am so glad this lovely lady is with us and hope she is going to stay for long while. For Elle in her pink lingerie it was a long pink see thru mac and pink wellies and sitting on the end of the bed with her legs apart she undoes the mac and moves back on the bed where she exposes her huge breasts and then brings up the hood on the mac. This combination of a large breasted hood Elle really is a very stunning sight.
Many thanks to BJ for sending this red nylon coat for myself and the girls to use. Spring is arriving so a warm day and Celeste is the perfect opportunity to wear the mac and the concertina rain bonnet which was also sent in the pocket of the mac. I do have a video of Celeste putting on the rain bonnet which will be shown very soon along with pics and video of the navy mac he also sent.

1st April

126 pics &
HD Video Clip
Drew, Isabelle, Helena & Anita

Rukka'd Out
High Definition Video
Drew, Isabelle, Helena & Anita in Rukka'd Out
6 mins 55 secs - 257 mb

Drew with Isabelle and myself with Anita all Rukka'd up and outdoors. A very windy cold day for Drew in red and Isabelle in yellow so long belted and hooded macs it was. For myself and Anita it was similar red Rukka macs. All four of us ending up hooded and close to each other, just as we all like it.
Drew with Isabelle and myself with Anita all Rukka'd up and outdoors. A very windy cold day for Drew in red and Isabelle in yellow so long belted and hooded macs it was. A little playing around in the only puddle left when we were expecting lots of mud was the only disappointment of the day and after helping each other down the hillside they cuddled up to each other as they tried to sat out of the cold wind. For myself and Anita it was looser fitting almost matching red Rukka macs and red wellies and after helping each other into our hoods we ended up with a little contest between our boots after taking a seat on the grass. All four of us ending up hooded and close to each other, just as we all like it. For Celeste and Misty it was long lined navy macs and playtime down at the river. Only wearing short wellies they did not dare go down the steps too far but that did not distract them from enjoying themselves as they cuddled up to each other as again it was a very cold grey day. Up came the hoods and these were tightly tied as were the belts on their macs. These have to be perfect outfits for this sort of day and these must be two perfect ladies for such an occasion.
Celeste, Anita, Shannon and Lavinia all showing just how beautiful they are and lovely they look. Celeste is out in an open field on a very windy day in just a short lilac riding mac and pink wellies. Maybe not the right outfit for such a windy day but with the coat all buttoned and the collar turned up it was worth her 'suffering'. Anita is fully covered by an ankle length rubber cape. The cape also has a very large hood, when pulled up over Anita's head does give her a look of glamour and mystery at the same time. Shannon doe look very pretty in her long clear mac over her lingerie and the lace up wellies adds that extra touch that is always good to see. With the mac tightly belted she brings up the hood and slowly pulls the drawstrings tighter and tighter until her whole head is covered and only her nose is showing through. The beautiful Lavinia is dressed in a belted hooded shiny blue mac and blue Hunter wellies and only finding a ditch with water that is much too deep to wade she has to make do with standing and walking along the parapet before she tightens the hood and with her hands pushed into her pockets makes her way back down the path.

25th March

121 pics &
HD Video Clip
Anita & Helena

Testing Time
High Definition Video
Anita & Helena in Testing Time
8 mins 40 secs - 323 mb

An e-mail from John GM asking if it was time to test out a few gas masks as he says you are never sure when you may need the. So with Anita in a clear mac here she is putting on a black gas mask and then outdoors in a long pink mac with her mask being worn over the hood. Then there is me with my glitter covered gas mask ensuring that it works properly.
Mallory is out at the waters edge and trying to attract the ducks without any luck. She is wearing a long clear mac over a red riding coat and with red wellies and red gloves she decides to take a seat and give up on the ducks. After pulling up and tying the hood in place she takes a walk over the bridge and lays herself down on the grass. Siren is in a retro silver mac with matching silver hat which she proudly displays before tying it onto her head With the brim turned up she does look very beautiful with that lovely smile on her face. Anita is wearing an ankle length red mac with red wellies and gloves and starts off in the edge of the sea before making her way back up the beach and donned the matching red hat. Then seeing the wooden groyne she decided that it had to be climbed over which does provide and even better view of herself and her outfit.
Wanted to do a little more for Arne before the weather warms up too much for lovely down coats and rainwear like this. As soon as Siren saw this she wanted to try it on and thought it perfect for the cold weather. It is a delightful way to stay warm and with a long clear mac over the top you are ready for any cold wet weather. With the coat and mac fully done up and the hoods tightly tied she reveled in the fact how warm she was.

18th March

117 pics &
HD Video Clip

A New Love
High Definition Video
Alexia in A New Love
8 mins 00 secs - 299 mb

Alexia has fallen in love with the riding macs, as soon as she saw them she pronounced them as absolutely wonderful and could not wait to try them on. She liked the lilac shorter mac and wanted to try that first and with my help I assisted her into the red one over the top as it was cold outside. Then into the garden with the beige and yellow one and after a little lie down she just had to try on the beige one, very tightly belted of course as this is the way she likes to wear clothes like this.
Again I have four of lovely ladies that I hope you are going to like to see dressed in their rainwear outfits. A dark cold overcast day for Anita so a black shiny Rukka mac and black shiny wellies with red laces was just about right. Hooded and gloved she still looks very glamorous as she makes her way across the bridge. Drew was out in a loose fitting bright red mac and blue Hunter wellies. Hooded to keep out the cold but this did not stop the smile on her face as she made her way through the grass and back to my house. It is lovely to have Shannon back again, it has been far too long, for her it was a black one piece rain suit and long black heavy waders. With the suit tightly belted it emphasised her figure in a very delightful way and after sitting down on the grass and hooding herself doing the splits showed of the waders in the same way. For Violet it was a pink cape to go with her pink wellies and against the dark tree she does look a very pretty sight with the hood down and up.
Tony TT wants to see more capes especially the yellow vintage one you see here. This has appeared before and he thinks that this is so lovely and says that he comes from the era where this style was the norm. To go with this vintage cape I also have a vintage purple one so with Lavinia and Alexia out together this had to be a good time to have them dressed in these capes. With matching silver glitter wellies these two beauties do so good together and it is easy to see why Tony likes these outfits.

11th March

121 pics &
HD Video Clip

A Wet One
High Definition Video
Fay in A Wet One
5 mins 00 secs - 178 mb

Fay is out doors in a retro blue hooded mac and taking the water hose soaks a long clear mac before donning that over the top of the blue one. She then soaks the outside of the clear mac as well with the hose which has the lovely effect of the macs sticking together and showing how wet they are. This is such a lovely effect, don't you think?
Four beautiful glamorous ladies all looking very stunning in their see thru macs, one way to make sure you do not miss anything. Drew is wearing just a pair of knickers and a very long pair of waders that reach all the way up her crotch along with her long clear mac. Sat onto the chaise lounge with her legs stretched out shows off the waders in the most delightful way and then with the mac hood pulled up and tied and with the mac opened up a rainwear beauty have never looked better. Elyssia is sat into a chair in her red see thru trench coat and high heels and with the matching rain hat tied onto her head she does look so cute. Raven has a lot of exotic rubber outfits and with a long purple mac over the top her rubber outfit looks even better. Lavinia is in a glass clear red edged mac and bright wellies with her beautiful black and white lingerie which she shows off by pulling up her mac to waist level. Laying down on the bed she first brings one leg high up in the air to show how high she can lift it and sitting down spreads her legs as wide as possible, which as you can see is delightfully wide.
Celeste and Misty wanted it to rain but as it would not had to make do with second best and that was to wear very wet macs to show off and pretend it had been raining. With clear macs over their long green and navy macs the wet showed through brilliantly and both ladies were very pleased with the result and could not stop cuddling and fondling each others macs long after the pics had stopped, so it will have to be lots more wet ones for these ladies. Fay is out doors in a retro blue hooded mac which she ties at the waist and then taking the water hose soaks a long clear mac before donning that over the top of the blue one. She then soaks the outside of the clear mac as well with the hose which has the lovely effect of the macs sticking together and showing how wet they are. I chose a shiny black hooded mac with a wet yellow one over the top to get the biggest contrast as possible so I soaked it as well as I could and then belted it as tight as possible to make sure they clung together, this worked very well. This is such a lovely effect, don't you think?

4th March

129 pics &
HD Video Clip

Silver Lining
High Definition Video
Helena in Silver Lining
6 mins 55 secs - 259 mb

It was getting dark very quickly so a silver trench coat and silver Hunter wellies to make sure I could be seen and not get lost! With an umbrella, rain hat and bonnet in hand all had to be tried on to make sure they 'worked' for when it does rain.
Loving to see my ladies together enjoying themselves in the way you see here. Misty and Celeste in long loose fitting macs, green for Celeste and Navy for Misty as they clambered and climbed over exposed tree roots in the local park. Gloves and wellies being the necessary extras which is always good to see the girls wearing and both of them looking even more lovely after their hoods have been neatly tied and they are cuddling up to each other. With both of them then in capes over their red macs and red wellies they stay close to each other as that is the way they like it. Flavia in a green Rukka mac and Alexia in a blue one with both of them in matching Hunter wellies must have bought out a sense of fun in them as no sooner were they dressed as they started play fighting with each other before they ended up on the grass and had a little wellie kicking interlude, before they too finished up hugging each other.
The lovely Siren out in red very close to where she lives. A place she loves to come whenever she can to see and feed the swans, so any excuse to be here is a good one for her. Her zipped up mac does have long sleeves which hang down over her hands and a large hood which frames her beautiful smiling face so well. It was actually a very cold windy wet day for Anita and as it was fairly dark a white retro mac and black and white wellies was the dress for the day. A white umbrella to go with the mac seemed like the sensible option until she realised there was a rain hat in the mac pocket so the umbrella was discarded for this which was the perfect addition on such a wet day. For myself it was the end of the day and getting darker by the moment so a bright silver trench coat and silver Hunter wellies were the right choice and carrying a rain hat, bonnet and umbrella meant I had to try them on even though it was never going to rain on this occasion. They are all good days when times like this are involved.

25th February

128 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena & Elle

Bonnets Galore
High Definition Video
Helena & Elle in Bonnets Galore
7 mins 35 secs - 283 mb

Craig V and BJ have asked to see more with concertina rain bonnets and as I have a large collection it had to be the time to get them out when Elle came around. With both of us in long pink macs and pink wellies we sorted through the collection and first came up with clear bonnets for the both of us before changing into patterned ones with a little help from each other.
Five ladies, dressed in suits, capes and macs has to be a good thing no matter what the weather. Celeste is out in the field and manages to find the only muddy area around the cattle feeder. Of course as it was there for her to climb on that is exactly what she does as it is the sort of thing she will always do. Likewise for Siren she had to find the muddiest area she could in the park to trample around in with her red flowered boots and long red cape which does suit her so very much. A sunny winter day for Drew in a long black semi transparent mac and quite happily pulls and tied the hood as tight as possible over her head until just her nose and lips are showing to protect herself from the cold. Violet is definitely a mud lover so getting her boots as muddy as possible is always on the agenda, she did not get a chance to get her blue Rukka mac muddy this time as lorries turned up in the quarry and she had to leave, but next time will be a very different story. It was cold and windy for Mallory which did give a delightful effect with her blue cape and she still put a brave face when on the beach but jumped at the chance of getting out of the cold wind and back on the road again.
I am so glad so many like the look of my new ladies. They are all beautiful and very happy to be here and luckily enough when Graham B said he would love to see any of these ladies in retro macs without hoods it was lucky I already had what you see here. These were the first macs that Lavinia and Alexia wore when out together for the first time, with Lavinia in black and Alexia in blue they wanted to go and see what was happening with the redevelopment of an old local hospital. A great backdrop for the first of many pics of these two ladies together and as you can see they do love each others company.

18th February

114 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena, Drew & Isabelle

The Navy at Sea
High Definition Video
Helena, Drew & Isabelle in The Navy at Sea
4 mins 15 secs - 157 mb

Its myself with Drew and Isabelle down at the sea. All three of us are in long navy macs and black rubber boots. The water was very cold and we all managed to get our legs and feet a lot wetter than we anticipated as the tide was coming in very fast. Still it was well worth it anyway.
Four new ladies that is. It is said things come in threes but this week it has come in fours with Misty, Lavinia, Alexia and Isabelle all making an appearance. Misty is a long time friend of Celeste and very happy with the opportunity to appear her. So with them both in red Rukka macs and red wellies they adjourned to the flood plain to see how flooded things were. A cold day so up came the hoods with a little help from each other and the result was two smiling happy rainwear clad ladies. Siren introduced me to Lavinia last week and straight away she introduced her best friend Alexia and the result of this is a little what you see here and that is both of these beautiful dark and long haired ladies down at the river in long black shiny trench coats. With matching silver glitter boots they were very happy to kick around in the water after Lavinia has dragged her friend into the water. Black shiny rain hats to match the tightly belted macs and then lifting up the macs to show off their lovely legs and boots, things got better and better. Resting up on the river bank Alexia started to amuse herself by pulling Lavinia's leg into the air before cuddling to each other which is always a lovely way to finish. Then Drew bought the beautiful Isabelle around so it was navy macs all around with black rubber boots and down to the sea for a quick paddle. Luckily the macs were long and warm so even though it was very cold it was a lot of fun and both Drew and Isabelle thought so too, so much so they cannot wait to do it again, especially if it is a bit warmer.
It is now my turn to be very pleased as Drew bought her friend Isabelle around and promising to have Drew in the single texture riding coat meant that myself and Isabelle donned similar. Isabelle is wearing a cotton belted trench coat and myself a being heavy riding coat. With all the coats buttoned and belted and with us all in black rubber riding boots we went down to the coast. This was the first time Isabelle had worn rainwear for photos and now thinks it is such a good idea as she loves coats and boots that she will be returning in a couple of week sas I have lots more for her to wear. Thanks for the idea Rob of having Drew in this coat otherwise may not have thought of having these three together.

11th February

129 pics &
HD Video Clip
Celeste & Misty

Nylon & Mud
High Definition Video
Celeste & Misty in Nylon & Mud
4 mins 20 secs - 160 mb

Celeste bought her friend Misty out to play so what could be better than having them dressed in nylon trouser suits and finding a muddy field to play around in. These two very good friend enjoy each others company very much so playing like this is a very natural thing for both of them
Three scantily lingerie clad ladies with their see thru rainwear over the top and you get an absolutely delightful images that is bound to please anybody that sees them. Anita is on the bed in panties and a glass clear pink edged mac over the top. She has a lovely pair of pink lace up wellies which she gently pulls onto her bare legs and then spreads her legs so she can admire them. Rolling over onto her stomach she pokes her lovely botty in the air and pulls up the glass clear hood and then pulls it down over her eyes and finishes up on all fours. Anastasia has the largest breasts that have probably appeared on this site and what better way to view them then with a purple see thru mac stretched tightly over them. Wearing only tiny knickers and purple boots and with the hood pulled up, this becomes a sight that will be remembered. Ammalia is in bra and panties with a very short clear jacket and with patterned wellies which match her umbrella. Hooded and seated she shows off her bare legs before pulling up her jacket to show off her beautiful lingerie and body.
Rob has been asking to see Drew in this particular single texture riding mac that he kindly sent to us. Now she is back from working away I am very happy to have her in it and she looks rather pleased as well. With the mac over her lingerie she really does look a very pretty sight and as she releases the belt and opens the mac it shows just how wonderful the mac looks when worn by somebody so beautiful. It was too cold to take Drew outdoors dressed like this but she will be back next week with this mac, but outdoors and hopefully in the rain as she is bringing a friend of hers with her so it will have to be similar macs for them both.

4th February

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

Wet Rubber
High Definition Video
Mallory in Wet Rubber
4 mins 15 secs - 158 mb

Mallory is a very brave girl, outdoors under a cold water shower she still happily soaked her rubber mac, waders and long gloves and even the cold water on her face did not dim her smile. With the hood tightly tied she willingly let the water roll over her and down her mac until she was soaking wet which always makes rubber rainwear look even better.
Having a garden with rubber clad ladies running around in it has to be a very good thing and even more so when they are as beautiful as this. Celeste is wearing a rubber jacket tucked inside black rubber heavy duty chest waders as well as long rubber gloves and a sou'wester. With her legs apart, bent over showing off her rubber clad botty or with one leg raised as high as possible in the air there cannot be a better way to show off such an outfit. The lovely very busty Anastasia is back so rubber waders and heavy rubber coat for her, with gloves and a wide brimmed sou'wester and with the coat fully buttoned and belted it shows off just how large her huge breasts are and pulling up the mac you also get a lovely view of her waders. Mallory is a very brave girl, outdoors under a cold water shower she still happily soaked her rubber mac, waders and long gloves and even the cold water on her face did not dim her smile. With the hood tightly tied she willingly let the water roll over her and down her mac until she was soaking wet which always makes rubber rainwear look even better.
Nearly all of the pics are taken outdoors as that is where rainwear belongs but sometimes it is quite nice to see the ladies in their macs and boots but staying indoors. Drew has always been fascinated by the mac collection and always plays with them by stoking and feeling them every time she walks past a rail full. Here in a long loose yellow mac she has laid herself back and doing what she likes to do. For violet in a shiny red pvc dress a red semi transparent mac had to be the natural addition and coupled with her high heeled red boots she felt very pleased with her appearance as she showed off her dress and her mac. Anita is in a sliver mac and shiny glitter wellies, both of which she thinks are adorable. With the mac tightly belted and sitting with her booted feet up on the desk, she looks beautiful and glamorous, both of which she is all of the time. Michelle is another lady who loves to constantly look through the collection to see what I have or what she may have missed. As this only increases her excitement I am hardly going to stop her, am I?

28th January

116 pics &
HD Video Clip

Slowly Does It
High Definition Video
Anita in Slowly Does It
6 mins 20 secs - 237 mb

John D loves to see the girls dressing up in their rainwear very slowly doing up the zips buttons and belts and especially when they are wearing one item over the other. Has asked that instead of layers of plastic he has asked to see a nylon suit, Rukka mac and trench coat together so this is what Anita is wearing for the very cold weather.
I do like to see pics of the girls in their macs and boots down close to the water, for if it is not raining being close to water has to be the next best thing. First here is Siren in a black belted trench coat at the fast running weir with a matching black rain hat. Being the first time she had been here and wanting to get a closer look at the running water she was very keen to lean right over the fence. Pulling up the top of the coat and turning up the collar added that lovely final touch for rainwear on a cold day. Violet is down at the coast on a cold misty day while wearing a long shiny red belted mac which does have a lovely large hood. She had to take a small rest on her way down to the beach so put her feet up while sitting on the bench. By the time she made it to the bottom the hood had to come up to try and keep the cold wind of her. Mallory actually lives in a coastal town but only goes to the beach when dressed in rainwear for us. Preferring the cold to the hot sunny weather she is very happy in mac and boots so a black spotted white mac with a matching hat , very tightly belted with black wellies with white spots she was ready to go and wander around the almost deserted beach. Definitely the best time to be here she says.
Jason has been a rainwear fan for quite a long while but says he has only recently seen the attraction of nylon rainwear. From being something that he would rarely look at he says he is now a definite covert and is the proud owner of six nylon rain suits and over a dozen jackets along with his pvc and plastic of course. He particularly likes to see matching wellies so here is Siren in a green jacket and Hunter wellies which do look very lovely on her. Then Drew sitting among some of the nylon collection in a purple suit and wellies with a bare legged Jessica in a navy Peter Storm jacket and matching navy Hunter wellies.


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