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HD Videos


25th May

123 pics &
HD Video Clip


Out in Heels
High Definition Video
Helena in Out in Heels
6 mins 30 secs - 252 mb

Time for being out in high heeled boots which always adds a touch of glamour to the rainwear. In a shiny black belted trench coat, very high heeled knee high black boots and a matching hat in the cold wind and a clear mac over my silver jacket and high heeled silver boots.
We are still having a lot of cold days but these times the macs are with knee high high heeled boots which is always a glamorous addition to any outfit. In a shiny black belted mac and down by the sea it was incredibly cold for the end of May so my mac had to be wrapped up around me and a matching rain hat to help with the cold wind. In a silver jacket and silver high heeled boots I was quite glad of the long clear mac and felt a lot happier and warmer once I had that buttoned, hooded, and belted around me. In a see thru blue rain jacket and trousers I had to try out my husband's new toy, a 200lb force crossbow which is so powerful that we need a longer garden to use it properly. Found this blue retro mac among the collection and realised it had not seen the light of day for a long while so with blue wellies it just had to be worn. Next time it will be outdoors. The cherry blossom on my tree only ever lasts a few days but it does look glorious when it is bloom so I had to have a little admiration session while in a long pink mac and pink wellies. The mac and boots having a second reason and that is to keep all the bugs off me.
I have quite a lot of rubber swim caps, most of which have chin straps as well, which I do prefer and they do go so well with fully buttoned and belted rainwear that it is always good to see the ladies wearing them. Violet looks very demure and beautiful in the tight fitting white cap along with her white mac and she loved posing wearing it. To go with Alexia's gold tench coat a red swim cap had to be the right choice. With Jet in pink lingerie what could be better than pink wellies and a pink swim cap to go with that and her long glass clear mac, very little possibly. Then Jet again and this time in a heavy rubber mac so a black rubber swim cap worn as tight as possible to go with her tight fitting mac and a lovely result was obtained. Celeste was wearing a being riding mac so a white swim cap was the natural choice as riding macs and the caps do look so very lovely together


18th May

116 pics &
HD Video Clip


Out & About
High Definition Video
Celeste in Out & About
6 mins 00 secs - 231 Mb

Celeste out and about in three different outfits. In a shiny green belted Rukka mac up and down the hills, in nylon jackets finding a puddle to stamp about in and then in a retro white striped coat and white Hunter wellies she tries a little 'tightrope' walking along a fallen tree.
Long, oversize and loose fitting macs can look just as good as tight fitting fitting ones as being fully covered is one of the delights of this type of rainwear. Alexia loves bright coloured clothes so is very happy in this ankle length large yellow mac. Liking having her arms up inside the sleeves and being hooded at the same time she would have been very happy to be like this is in a downpour, maybe we could arrange one for her. The beautiful blonde Imogen with the lovely smile was just as happy in her mac. She relished the soft texture of this long navy mac and she kicked her Hunter covered feet into the air just to show how high she can do that. Then splashing around on the beach and in the surf after she had hooded herself the combination of sun, wind and her rainwear created a stunning sight. Then there is myself tightly hooded an a long light blue mac, out early one evening looking for a lost cat. The mac and hood being perfect for keeping the midges away. Spotting an unattended Hymac did mean it had to be investigated so a very long loose red mac, red wellies and gloves were donned while I had a good climb around before anybody came back.
Celeste out and about in three different outfits, all rainwear outfits obviously. On a cold windy day she is first in a shiny green belted Rukka mac with green Hunter wellies and with the hood up she makes her way up the stairs just show she can bring her feet up onto the handrails of the stair case. Then up and down the hills and along the fence trying unsuccessfully to attract the sheep, she is certainly a sight worth seeing. In a short pink and purple nylon jacket with purple Hunter wellies she finds a puddle to kick around in and as the wind drops she unzips her jacket to reveal the Peter Storm nylon jacket she is wearing underneath. In a retro white striped coat she had not seen before and white Hunter wellies and white gloves she tries a little 'tightrope' walking along a fallen tree just to show off the mac and boots. This white mac looking very glamorous on her and her feeling very glamorous while wearing it.


11th May

139 pics &
HD Video Clip

Kitty & Mallory

Rubber Love
High Definition Video
Kitty & Mallory in Rubber Love
6 mins 55 secs - 268 mb

Kitty and Mallory in heavy coats to proving how good they look. Kitty's mac is tightly belted as are the wrist cuffs and the high collar, heavy black rubber wellies, rubber gloves and a sou'wester are of course all part of her outfit. Rubber always looks so much better when it is wet which is why she is then under the shower and the addition of the gas mask perfects her outfit. Mallory's is of course buttoned and belted and she has the addition of a black rubber swim cap as she happened to be on the beach which she was very keen to show off before she tried on her sou'wester.
Things have never been better when it comes to my ladies and rainwear. I am so lucky to have so many friends that are willing to appear here and enjoy themselves so much while they are here. Mallory's day on the beach saw her in this long brown nylon coat and navy wellies, the coat being perfect for beach walking on this day as the wind was still a little cold even though the sun was shining intermittently. The hood went up as the sun came out as Mallory has very white skin (like me) and likes to keep it that way. With her arms pulled up inside the loose sleeves, hood over her eyes and the mac water splattered she really is dressed so perfectly. Violet's day was wet, cloudy and cold so a fully done up blue plastic trench coat with blue wellies, gloves, rain bonnet and umbrella were all not only necessary but a good choice as the light blue did mean she could easily be seen in the 'miserable' weather. Drew was dressed in a red rain suit and red wellies and red gloves when she came across this little boat on the promenade. She could not resist having a climb and a good look all over it including having to jump off the trailer tyre. The hood comes up as she walks away as the wind was picking up and the beach was looming.
Bob D would like to see more of us in yellow bib pants and yellow rain suits so for starters here is myself in the bib pants with the trousers tucked into black rubber wellies and a yellow sou'wester on my head. The cherry blossom on the tree only lasts for a few days so having a little cherry blossom shower while dressed like this just had to be done. Then with the addition of a heavy yellow rain jacket I was ready for the rain but it is only sun at the moment. More yellow rainwear on the way as yellow does seem to go very well with the warmer weather.


27th April

114 pics &
HD Video Clip


Lovely Nylon
High Definition Video
Violet in Lovely Nylon
6 mins 05 secs - 233 mb

Violet is first down at the weir in a green short nylon jacket and then at the muddy puddle in a long black nylon coat which reveals a short blue jacket when she removes the coat in the sun. The black coat then gets a mud soaking.
Four of my lady friends looking very good indeed in the still cold spring weather. Drew is wearing a very glamorous bright red lined trench coat with a tie belt and high heeled shoes. As the weather is still cold this was a good coat and was the reason that she tucked her hair into the turned up collar and fully buttoned up the mac, it will hopefully start getting warmer in the very near future. For Violet it is a long white rain jacket and white Dunlop wellies and with her blonde hair and dark sun glasses she really does look quite stunning. Cold again so up the hood has to go which can only be one of the advantages of the cold weather. Kitty all in red with a loose fitting bright red long mac, red wellies and red gloves and waiting for the sun to come out did end up a waste of time. With Celeste being on top of a ridge on a cold windy day meant it was just right for this floor length black cape over her mac. With the mac fully buttoned and the hood tied up in place and her arms inside the cape she was a lot happier.
Violet is first down at the weir in a short green nylon jacket and red Dunlop wellies and when the sun goes in up comes the hood, the combination of short jacket looking as marvelous as it always does. Then at the muddy puddle she is wearing a long black nylon coat which is fully buttoned and again up comes the hood when the sun goes in. It then comes down again when the sun comes out again ands as she warms up off comes the black coat all together. This action reveals a short blue jacket and black Hunter wellies and then a lot of playing around in the muddy puddle follows. She then lays the black coat into the mud and stamps all over it until it is fully immersed and fully covered in mud. This is then taken home to be worn at another time when the mud has dried.


20th April

139 pics &
HD Video Clip

Celeste & Violet

Water Divining
High Definition Video
Celeste & Violet in Water Divining
7 mins 15 secs - 281 Mb

Finding water to stroll or wade in is always an aim and for Celeste in very shiny black it was a huge puddle left after the previous nights rain and for Violet it was a ford close to a main road which necessitated the use of waders and a long blue mac to make the best of the situation.
I am lucky enough to have quite a lot of riding macs so many thanks to Rob. Violet is wearing the long green one with green Hunter wellies and she looks quite delightful with her sun glasses on as well and after she has belted the mac as tight as possible, she takes a seat on the steps and waits for the sun to come out, which it duly does on cue. This then means a little head protection by the use of a black rubber sou'wester which compliments her outfit perfectly. Drew is in the stable wearing a long red mac and was just looking at the others when she asked if she could change into the single texture beige mac. The answer was obvious and you see the lovely result as she continued to play with the other macs by grabbing her arms full of as many as she could carry. A warm sunny day, a yellow mac, yellow sou'wester and a field of yellow rape all going together just for me. With red Hunter Thurlstone wellies and red gloves this outfit was just right as the wind was still cold and these riding macs are so good for the colder weather. With the mac tightly belted and buttoned including the wonderful high collar and the sou'wester on my head did mean I had lovely protection from the bugs as well as the cold wind which has to be good for the coming summer.
Water divining is only about finding water and that is what we have to do when the ladies are dressed for this site. Celeste is first down at the river in a long black shiny mac. The mac is belted and coupled with red wellies and red gloves and then with a matching rain hat as well. Leaving the mirror she takes a seat on the bench and then finds a very large puddle which had been a result of the previous nights rain. With a clear umbrella with red hearts she kicks her way through the puddle and feels very happy that she managed to find it. Violet is at a Ford and in a blue mac and wellies she also has a pair of Bullseye waders into which she changes and then proceeds to wade through the ford kicking her legs in the air as she goes. The combination of long mac and waders in the sun and in the sun does make you wonder how much better it could get.


13th April

134 pics &
HD Video Clip


Ready to Wade
High Definition Video
Drew in Ready to Wade
5 mins 15 secs - 201 mb

Drew was more than ready to go down to the sea as she loves the coast as long as it is not too cold. So in a red rain suit and red wellies she swapped her boots for a pair of black rubber waders and a long purple see thru mac which she slipped her arms into. Then into the surf she went and as she kicked and splashed her way around she never lost the smile on her face. Then taking a seat on the wet sand to show off her waders, it was a great way to finish.
The weather is still very changeable but it has warmed up a lot which is a good thing and if it brings a little more rain that could be a good thing as well. Lavinia fell in love with this short red trench coat that Laurent send me. Coupled with bright red wellies, gloves and umbrella Lavinia found herself first on top of a railway crossing bridge and then down on the platform just when a train arrived on cue. A warm but windy day saw Celeste in the field trying to attract the lambs and sheep, but they would have nothing to do with her so she continued to enjoy the wind in her long semi transparent black mac to which she added a rain bonnet even though the sun was shining. Drew in wearing a gold trench coat and red accessories and outside a windmill which was unfortunately closed as she would have loved to have gone inside. Still posing in front of it with the coat fully buttoned and belted was certainly the next best thing she could have done.
Lian has been asking that now the weather is warming up will we be doing some more pics of the ladies in short jackets or coats and wellies. The answer if of course, yes and that is exactly what we have here. Violet loves this navy jacket and first coupled with black wellies she was more than happy to kick around in the water, especially as it was such a warm day. Then with purple wellies she is seen kicking her way along the muddy track and she does look lovely as she does both. It may be still time for stockings as well but bare legs are on their way.


6th April

119 pics &
HD Video Clip


Keeping Fit
High Definition Video
Imogen in Keeping Fit
4 mins 50 secs - 186 Mb

Wanting to try out the outdoor gym equipment had Imogen in a long loose blue hooded mac and black Hunter wellies. She has always been a gym fan but has never used and outdoor gym until now. Enjoying this so much meant she wants to come back, so will try again to do this when it is raining, something this time she just missed.
Rain or shine and here we are out again enjoying whatever the weather may bring. Violet so wanted to get inside the old building but had to make do with a peep through the broken shutter as there was no other way in. Dressed in a long silver mac and silver glitter wellies for the cold wet day she did still manage to look lovely as she wandered around the building and even more so after she had tied up the hood around her head to keep out the rain. Lavinia is dressed in a long brown very shiny brown belted cotton backed mac on one of the bright sunny days. She had the mac belted as tight as possible as she did look particularly stunning with the black traditional shorter wellies. With the hood tied in place, like Violet she looks even better. Imogen had not seen any outdoor gym equipment until she saw the pics of myself a few weeks ago and so wanted to have a go. It was pouring with rain when she left the house but had stopped by the tie she arrive, however dressed in a long blue mac and Hunter wellies it did not stop her enjoying herself. Rushing from one piece of equipment to another soon tired her out but she did say it was well worth it.
By rainwear gardening I mean out in the garden in rainwear of course. Siren could not resist playing with the yellow handled sledge hammer so I had to go and get her a yellow mac to go with it. The long yellow mac swamped her, but is one of the reasons I chose it as sometimes I love to see the ladies in long, big and loose fitting macs and Siren proves my point. It again was meant to rain so I dressed in a long black rubber coat with black rubber riding boots, black rubber gloves and of course a black rubber sou'wester. As it did not actually rain I did manage to get a little shower as rubber does always look so much better and shinier when water is running off it. Drew is a sun worshipper so when it is cold she is always more than happy to dress in as many layers as possible. In this case a long clear mac over a beige leather coat was just right and with pink wellies and gloves she was ok. The pole was too tempting for her so she had to play around with it and soon I hope to get doing a little pole dancing which should a lovely sight to see.


30th March

127 pics &
HD Video Clip


Layers in the Sun
High Definition Video
Helena in Layers in the Sun
8 mins 40 secs - 333 mb

A very sunny day and here am I in five layers of rainwear. A nylon suit followed by a clear suit, then a long yellow mac, then a clear mac and finally a red trench coat. Boots, gloves and hooded four times and with the macs fully closed and with all the macs being see thru and wet it was time to cool off in the shade under a shower.
I have lots of members who love to see the retro macs, one reason I believe is that they invoke memories from lots of people who remember these macs when they were first worn a long while ago. Secondly, because many are so unusual and pocess a much better obvious quality that you see nowadays they attract a lot of attention. Michelle has worn this 1980's long black and white spotted mac before and jumped at the opportunity of wearing it again. She loves the style and especially the shoulder pads and adores the matching hat with the wide see thru brim and is totally correct when she says that it is stylish and quite glamorous. For Violet it was a yellow cotton trench coat on a very wet day. The mac dating from the 1960's with a tie belt and when coupled with patterned wellies and a matching umbrella and the mac buttoned with the collar turned up, it really is a wonderful outfit for a wet day. Jet is wearing a red patterned cottoned backed knee length mac with big white buttons down the front. Shaped and loose fitting and down by her village pond in the wind the retro rain hat tied onto her head over the upturned collar provides a lovely final touch to her outfit.
Time for a little more twinning in the sense of two of us dressed very similar. Simon G loves to see this as does Luci and Gregory. A few pics of Ivory and myself in white among the macs and cuddling up each other after hooding ourselves. Then on the floor with Ivory and with us both dressed in short yellow jackets and yellow wellies. Then doing something Gregory likes to see and that is when we are hooded pulling on each others hood drawstrings, as something that he he finds quite intimate and delightful as we move closer and cuddle each other.


23rd March

153 pics &
HD Video Clip


Cookies & Clean
High Definition Video
Helena in Cookies & Clean
8 mins 25 secs - 324 Mb

Time to make some cookies and do a little cleaning and both being done in rainwear. The cookie making in a long clear mac with a white apron, white wellies and white rubber gloves. The mac and car cleaning done in a long green mac and rubber gloves and wellies. Sometimes having dirty things to clean can be lots of fun.
Wet, warm or sunny it does not matter for if you can get the ladies dressed in rainwear it always looks good no matter what the weather. A very wet rainy day for Violet which was just right for her heavy navy long mac as she stamped around in the rain and puddles. Ever since she saw the pics of Lavinia at this ruined building she wanted to go there and this day was just perfect as it is surrounded by lots of muddy puddles as well. She really does look so cute with the hood tightened around her face and as the mac is very wet it looks even better. Jets first rainwear outing and her first time in a Rukka mac. A green mac with green Hunter wellies and Jet was more than happy to play around on the muddy path and old farming equipment left in the bushes. With the mac tightly belted, gloved and hooded with her lovely smile, she is so welcome here. A hot day for Lavinia at the boat yard, she loves to look at the boats even though she says she knows nothing about sailing at present. In a light blue hooded mac and short blue wellies she was more than content as she wandered around and ended up kicking her booted feet in the harbour water. She did not want to leave and was more than happy to stay in her hooded rainwear even as the sun came out and it became hotter very quickly.
A mornings work all completed while dressed in rainwear just for the fun of it. The first job was hosing down the muddy car and the muddy macs and for this it was a long green mac and muddy wellies, which also needed a clean. The pressure washer being the ideal tool which I love to use for things like this, but it does spray water everywhere which is why there was a need for the macs hood and a larger pair of rubber gloves. Then it came to making cookies for Easter. In a long clear mac, white apron, white wellies and white rubber gloves I weighed and mixed the ingredients after which I hooded myself just because the mac had one. Planting flower seeds into trays ready for the summer was done a in a long striped mac tied very tightly at the waist and this involved a lot of bending over which seemed to please Kean. Then hooded, I carried them to their resting place and now all I have to do is wait.


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