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HD Videos


26th August

109 pics &
HD Video Clip


Doing Her Best
High Definition Video
Violet in Doing Her Best
7 mins 40 secs - 295 mb

Violet doing her best to get wet when it would not rain meant her wiping her hands in the wet grass and then down her mac and laying down and rolling around in the grass including a few 'grass angels' to make sure the mac is as wet as possible. She then moved to a park bench to lay down so the view of her is not interrupted.
Betty and myself on the sofa with us both wearing silver hooded macs and glorious Hunter wellies. What better way to show off two pairs of my best and favourite pairs of wellies and with a bonus of cuddling up to such a beautiful lady. With Lavinia outdoors on a hot day so it was coloured Hunter wellies and short coloured jackets over lingerie, showing off stockinged legs as well as the boots. Then the hoods came up on Lavinia's see thru pink jacket and my see thru green one which then encouraged us to get even closer to each other. The first time Lavinia and Alexia saw the collection they could wait to start tying the macs on and these Yellow Rukkas came out very near to the top of the list which was rather a lovely thing and encouraged these ladies to stay close to each other. I love Lavinia and any excuse to get close to her is good for me. So with us both in long white macs it was good to wrap our legs around each other as well as our arms.
Water is very obviously closely connected to rainwear so when it is not raining it is not surprising that ladies dressed in rainwear will migrate towards water one way or another. A very blustery day and Elle is in the edge of the sea wearing a red rain mac and red rain trousers with pink wellies. The waves came in a lot higher that expected and filled up her wellies but even that did not wipe the smile off her face. Lavinia, down at the river is wearing a yellow see thru plastic trench coat and bright yellow wellies. Looking very lovely silhouetted against the sun with the mac fully buttoned and belted on a hot sunny day does make for a beautiful exotic sight. Then spreading herself out along the bench in the shade and pulling up the collar and the mac closely around her only resulted in her then undoing the mac and holding it wide open facing the sun to let some fresh air cool her hot body. With Violet in a long hooded navy mac and black rubber ring boots and gloves she was ready for the rain which did not come so it was scooping up water with her hands from the long wet grass and wiping the water down her mac and when this was not enough she starts to roll around in the grass to make the mac and boots as wet as possible. This worked very well and shows that Violet is always willing to do her best no matter what is put in front of her. Ending up on the bench she lays down taking a well earned rest.


19th August

132 pics &
HD Video Clip


Homemade Rain
High Definition Video
Helena in Homemade Rain
8 mins 10 secs - 318 mb

It only seems to rain at night where I live so doing pics in the rain is rather difficult so a little homemade rain is the second best thing. In a long blue mac and trousers, a water hose and two clear macs I can at least wear wet macs along with two pairs of rubber gloves for good measure. A long clear hooded mac over the blue and then a shorter black edged one and the sun came out as soon as I started getting dressed, oh well, it is summer time.
It may be summer time and on some days the weather is very hot and sunny but I am lucky because I have many friends who are still very willing to dress in rainwear and wellies on the hot days. Celeste looks very fetching in a semi see thru knee length blue plastic belted trench coat, blue gloves, umbrella and pink spotted wellies and finding some shade from the sun she place a matching rain bonnet onto her head and tied it tight under her chin. Then with the collar turned up and the umbrella opened she does look very glamorous and even finds a puddle to kick around in. Lavinia is down on the river wearing a bright flowered plastic rain mac and bright coloured heart wellies, both of which go well with the very bright hot day. She could not resist climbing into a water soaked rowing boat just so she could try and kick her feet in the river. Getting back on dry land was a slight problem but that gave her excuse to then swing about on the steps. A hot day for Violet so it was a loose fitting long nylon jacket and red Hunter wellies for her to kick around in the little mud she could find. She wanted to tighten up the hood and button up the jacket to her neck, which only enhanced her appearance before crossing the road just so she could get close to the duck sign.
Seeing the ladies together in rainwear is so enjoyable especially when they are holding each other or cuddling each other. This is what Eric wants to see more of. Here is Lavinia and Alexia the first time they were out together on a cold day in long red hooded macs and red wellies. These two have been friends for a long while and love each other company and now rainwear is another excuse to have some fun together. There is more coming of two of us together very soon which should hopefully please a lot of people.


12th August

114 pics &
HD Video Clip


Beside the Sea
High Definition Video
Elle in Beside the Sea
6 mins 40 secs - 257 mb

Another delightful cold windy summers day so a good time to go down to the beach dressed in mac, gloves and boots. With Elle in a pink mac and pink spotted wellies she was more than happy to wade about in the water even though it did mean getting a lot of the sea inside her boots.
Lavinia really is the lady who has it all. She is stunningly beautiful and has a body to die for with super long legs and what is even better she is loving the rainwear and especially the wellies. Not only does she like to dress up but wants to go out anywhere and everywhere as you can see. At the plane museum she is front of a yellow rescue helicopter dressed in a shiny red trench coat and very shiny red Sporting Hares wellies. She has this mac tightly belted and the top folded over to cover her properly and the collar turned up. Pulling up the mac shows off her very short skirt and lovely legs and she ends up looking very demure after taking a seat in a huge plane tyre. She had heard about our local Victorian grave yard, had not been there but always wanted to, so a perfect time was when she was dressed in a shiny black mac and short black rubber traditional wellies. With graveyard overgrown it only appealed to her more as it the rain hat when she found it in the macs pocket. A hot sunny day and down at the river in lingerie and a clear hooded mac. The water was a too far away from the bank to reach even though she tried very hard to reach it after she had hooded herself and her bending over to look at the fish did provide an another beautiful sight.
I have always been very grateful to Rob for sending these delightful riding macs, they always look so smart and elegant especially when tightly buttoned and belted. Has been particularly good lately with the summer weather being much more suitable for this type of clothing rather than bikinis. Celeste looks so lovely in her green riding coat and Hunter wellies and luckily enough she loves to wear very tight belts as you can see. A puddle to kick her way through from the previous nights rain with the collar turned up this has to be perfect summer wear as far as I am concerned. Mallory wanted to try this riding on when she saw it hanging on the door so I was not going to say no, she will be wearing it again next time she comes around, but outdoors and if we are really lucky in the rain as I think this mac will look very good if soaking wet.


5th August

130 pics &
HD Video Clip

Lavinia & Elle

The Last Straw
High Definition Video
Lavinia & Elle in The Last Straw
6 mins 30 secs - 250 mb

Lavinia in black and Elle in blue and both of them out in the fields trying to roll and climb on the straw bales. With both of them in hooded macs and wellies and very cloudy dark skies, the summer cannot get much better than this.
As its summer time it must be time for short rain jackets and wellies which always look good out in the warm weather. Drew is out in the garden in tiny white bra and knickers with a black and white rain jacket with matching wellies. Finding a sledge hammer on the grass she just had to have a go at hammering in the posts that little bit more after they had become loose because she had been swinging on them. Violet is in a see thru yellow jacket which shows off her leopard print dress and with heavy yellow wellies. With the hood up she was quite happy to show herself off and was very pleased to be seen like this. Alexia is down among the beach huts wearing a very short hooded navy jacket and navy striped wellies (all the girls love these wellies). Taking a seat on the beach wall and lifting up spreading her legs does provide a delightful view of her legs and boots as well as the jacket.. A short shiny red retro jacket and shiny Sporting Hares red wellies for Imogen and a river to play around in. How much better can it get after she had zipped and buttoned up the jacket and turned up the lovely big collar.
The straw bales out in the fields always look good enough to play with so that is exactly what what Lavinia and Elle end up doing before they get taken away. Lavinia is dressed in a long semi transparent black mac and striped wellies. As well as trying to push the straw bales she thought she could get a better view by standing on the top of one of them. This then tempted her to pull up the mac and show off her amazing long bare legs and wellies,a view that should always be encouraged. Another cloudy summers day and Elle is in a blue hooded mac and navy wellies over her lingerie and trying to move the straw bales, like Lavinia. It may have been cloudy but was also very warm so Elle ended up sitting down against the bales after undoing her mac to show off her luscious body and outfit.


29th July

111 pics &
HD Video Clip


Park Life
High Definition Video
Celeste in Park Life
5 mins 30 secs - 211 mb

A very cold summers day so macs and boots were definitely in order. Celeste is first in a long black mac climbing over the water fountain and then in a yellow Rukka mac in front of the boating lake. Lots of storm clouds but no rain, but surrounding Celeste with water was a very good idea.
I am so lucky to have so many beautiful friends and seeing Drew, Lavinia and Siren dressed and looking like this does prove my point. Drew is wearing only the tiniest pair of panties and white Hunter wellies with a semi transparent white hooded mac. This mac shows off her almost naked body perfectly underneath the mac. After hooding herself she slowly pulls the mac open to reveal just how stunning her body is, her bare legs and Hunter wellies. Lavinia is wearing a beautiful bra and knickers lingerie set with pink Hunter wellies, a matching pink swim cap and a long clear mac. First holding the mac open and then wrapping it around herself it shows again a beautiful body, with the pink cap only enhancing her gorgeous image. Siren has black lace lingerie on under her see thru blue plastic trench coat. She undoes the fully belted and buttoned coat out in the sun to show off the lingerie and her biker style heavy rubber boots. She finishes off after waving the mac around her by bending over to show off her botty though the mac.
It is lovely to see Celeste looking so good out in the middle of 'summer' as at the moment, macs and wellies seem to be the most appropriate clothing fro the weather we are having, which I think is rather a fine thing. Out in one of the local parks in a navy retro trench coat that has not been seen here before and matching navy Hunter wellies Celeste looks very glamorous and happy, with the mac belted she also folds over the top of the mac and turns up the collar because even though it is the middle of the summer the wind is still cold. Then in a long semi transparent hooded mac she climbs about on the water fountain and kicks around in its water channels. Standing on top of the fountain, silhouetted against the cloudy sky she hoods herself and then slowly walks down the water covered slope and takes a seat at the bottom where she soaks her wellies in the water channel. In a yellow belted shiny Rukka mac and purple spotted wellies she finds a big puddle to wet her boots in and then moves over to the boating lake to kick her boots around in that. After taking a seat on the edge of the wall surrounding the lake she lays down along it to watch the very impressive storm clouds above her. The only thing better than all of this would have been if it had actually rained as well.


22nd July

108 pics &
HD Video Clip


High Definition Video
Lavinia in Bootiful
5 mins 50 secs - 226 mb

Lavinia has always been a bit of a wellie fan and has been most impressed to find out that there are so many real wellie and rubber boot enthusiasts. Therefore giving her the chance to play around with the boots was a very welcome interlude for her. Wearing a pink hooded mac she was happy to try on some of the boots before settling for a flowered pink pair and then proceeded to cuddle up to as many pairs of the boots she could.

Long time member Ryan says one of the things he has grMore of these three lovely ladies showing everybody just how good they can look when dressed like this. Violet is in the church ruins that I recently found and wanted to go there, so in a very smart military belted trench coat this is where she ended up. The mac was fully buttoned and the belt tightened with the wrist straps buckled as tight as possible she says she felt very good and kept the mac on to return home in, as again it looked like rain and as again it did not actually rain. Alexia is wearing a very shiny leopard print knee length coat and gold Hunter wellies. This outfit is very striking and bright and even better when coupled with a leopard print edged clear umbrella. Taking a seat on the picnic table is a lovely way to show off her boots and with her hair tucked into the turned up collar and the umbrella up she is a very beautiful sight. A hot day for Imogen but she did find this nylon trousers and jacket quite cool to wear. Down at the waters edge there was only a little mud to kick around in but she remained happy and tightened the hood of the blue jacket and walked down the wall to kick her booted feet around in the water.own to love is seeing the ladies tighten the hoods of the macs down over their faces and has asked to see this particular scene where the lady, in this case Violet, is wearing two macs with the inside mac having the larger hood. With a wet clear mac over a black one she gradually tightens the hood of the top clear mac until the inside hood is squashed down over her face and she is eventually entirely covered with the black hood poking out over her mouth. A rather pleasant effect, I must admit.


15th July

132 pics &
HD Video Clip


Blonde in Rubber
High Definition Video
Imogen in Blonde in Rubber
5 mins 40 secs - 219 mb

A hot day but the lovely Imogen is fully covered in very heavy rubber rainwear. A long belted black mac with rubber boots and gloves, she adds a sou'wester to her outfit as she walks through the crops and then a gas mask to make sure she she is fully protected and covered.
The weather this summer has been so variable it seems to have done everything but rain at the right time so I can get pics and videos of the girls in the rain. This is one of the unfortunate things about living in one of the driest counties. However it does still mean that I can get pics of beautiful ladies in lovely rainwear anyway. Violet does look very smart and glamorous down at weir and wearing a black retro mac with white buttons, stitching and zip. Coupled with silver Hunter wellies and a big turned up collar and an umbrella to hand she does look so very gorgeous, doesn't she? Alexia is down at the beach on a warms but very cloudy day and she is dressed in a long belted pink pvc mac and pink Hunter wellies. Among all the newly painted beach huts she really enjoyed herself as being bought up in the countryside she now relishes getting to the coast whenever possible. The beautiful blonde Imogen if full heavy rubber, what a lovely combination to see her wearing in the crop fields just before they start to harvest. The mac is very heavy and belted as tight as possible, rubber gloves, boots and sou'wester are all part of her outfit and she makes her way through the crops gently playing with them as she goes. The gas mask was added to help control her hay fever and was very grateful for this reason and that she likes gas masks anyway.
It may be cold or hot but getting the ladies in rainwear no matter what the weather is always a very good idea. It was a cold winters day fro Betty but she stayed very warms by wearing a beautiful long padded coat with a long clear mac over the top. This always works so well as plastic or pvc by itself is never the best thing fro the cold weather. This is also a delightful sight to see. Bella is in the nylon corner so she is obviously wearing nylon rainwear. Jacket, trousers and boots and down on the floor she goes among even more nylon. A hot summers day but here is Violet in hooded mac and wellies. The mac is a metallic red and her boots are red Hunters and she is switching between the sun and shade as she goes. Drew is in a long black Rukka and short traditional wellies. It was a cloudy day but very warm so she slowly undoes the mac to reveal the shortest dress possible and her bare legs but she keeps the hood tied up over her head as she reveals her body.

8th July

116 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ready to Go
High Definition Video
Imogen in Ready to |Go
5 mins 30 secs - 212 mb

Imogen is always ready to get dressed up and go and play around anywhere she can. In this case it was a shiny red Rukka style mac, tightly belted and with red flowered wellies and a trip down to the river for a little splashing around. She was joined by a dog at one stage which made it even more entertaining for her
Sometimes it can be good to get the summer time blues when it comes to the wearing of rainwear in the summer time especially on the days when the weather has not been too hot. Louise is sitting on a table wearing a long blue hooded mac and short blue wellies on her bare legs. She look particularly glamorous with that lovely smile on her face and the hood pulled loosely up over her head. Violets blue mac is very long and loose fitting which covers her beautifully as it is done up all the way to her neck. A very cool wind so up comes the hood and as it has no drawstring she pinches the hood together under her chin to keep it in place, which only enhances the view of her wearing this mac. Kitty is out in the fields before harvest starts wearing a blue nylon trouser suit tucked into her wellies to keep the insects always from her. With the hood up and her hands in her pockets, she was quite happy to stay out in the sun. A cold windy summers day after the rain and Alexia is on the cliff top. In a blue tightly belted Rukka mac and blue wellies she found a very big puddle to kick around in and then examine the eroded cliff edge which has crept much closer to the road. With the hood tightly tied she could not resist another few kicks as she came back though the puddles.
Seb T remembers when a while ago we had Blossom playing around with swim caps and wearing one over her face as well as on her head. Seb found this very exciting and loves to see the ladies in swim caps with their rainwear and wonders if could see the same sort of thing again. Of course we can do that as I have lots of lovely ladies and lots of swim caps. With Louise in just a tiny pair of panties, red wellies and a clear red edged mac and with a red swim cap strapped onto her head she really does look very charming and delightful. This combination does look so attractive on such a beautiful lady. Kitty is wearing only panties as well but has a long clear mac covering her body and a white swim cap strapped under her chin. In her hands she has four other white caps which she cuddles and caresses before selecting one and pulling it on over her face. Her breathing now inflates the cap before it is sucked tight into her face as she exhales. As Seb says watching this is very exciting. Many thanks to Alastair as well for sending me these caps, I hope you and all other swim cap fans enjoy this as well.

1st July

107 pics &
HD Video Clip

Nylon Capers
High Definition Video
Drew in Nylon Capers
9 mins 15 secs - 356 mb

Drew starts off in a nylon mac and rain bonnet which she changes for a long green hooded mac and a water shower . The mac ending up soaking wet and looking better and better as it gets wetter and wetter. Imogen also appears after Drew removing her rain bonnet and folding it up and putting it away.
Three very beautiful and glamorous ladies looking particularly lovely in rainwear on hot summer days. This is something very special and something I do find very appealing especially when the macs are wet as well. . The lovely Louise is in a red Rukka mac and black wellies with red laces. Over her Rukka she is wearing a very wet short glass clear trench coat belted around her waist. The sun making the macs steam up and with her hooded and with an umbrella, what could be better to make a summers day perfect. More of Lavinia playing about with the airplanes, this time in a long smooth navy mac and red Hunter wellies and finding that the best way to show off her boots was to hang from one of the propellers and kick her legs in the air. Violet looks absolutely perfect silhouetted against the sun in her long clear mac and silver Hunter wellies. With the river behind her and a beautiful smile on her face, it does show she loves being her and after bringing up the hood it only improves the whole view of this beauty.
Drew starts off in a thin long navy nylon coat with a concertina rain bonnet on her head and tied under her chin and slowly wanders over to where there is a long green nylon coat waiting for her. Removing her rain bonnet and folding it up into its case and then her mac she reveals a green nylon rain suit underneath which she displays very beautifully before dressing in the green nylon coat over the suit. When the suit is fully buttoned and zipped and she is hooded she then moves over to where the water hose has been set up as a shower. Slowly immersing herself in the showers water the mac ends up very soaking wet and looks quite incredible as it gets wetter and wetter. Imogen is wearing a red nylon mac and red wellies and a concertina rain bonnet and she repeats Drew's action of removing her bonnet and folding it back into its case.

24th June

115 pics &
HD Video Clip

Black Beauty
High Definition Video
Ivory in Black Beauty
9 mins 55 secs - 384 mb

First Ivory has a choice of shiny black pvc macs to wear and she slowly makes her choice of a very long belted one which goes perfectly with her shiny black boots. A matching rain hat, red gloves to go with the red laces in her boots and a red umbrella and she is ready to adjourn outdoors with a long black shiny cape over her arm which she also gets to wear.
Short jackets and see thru macs being a good way to show off the ladies, their bodies and their rainwear so that is what we do. First there is Imogen in a short red nylon jacket and shiny red Hunter wellies and very little else as it was a hot summers day and pulling up the jacket to show off her knickers only adds to the pleasure of seeing her like this. After pulling up the hood and bringing one leg up the post she looks better still. Louise is wearing a clear white spotted mac over her back lingerie, fishnet stockings and high heels. The fact the mac is a little big on her makes her look even cuter and after buttoning up the mac raises the hood and slowly begins to tighten it around her head. Eventually only her nose and lips are on view and she was very delighted with the resulting feelings this gave her. For Ivory over her tiny red lingerie there was a short glass clear red edged mac and short loose fitting red wellies. Finding some shade to protect her very pale skin she looks so very beautiful posing in her mac and showing off her body. A very short summer dress and a long clear mac and striped wellies for Lavinia and very glamorous she looks too as she spotted an old red red phone box that still had a working phone in it and just had to try it out. Very happy in her mac and boots even though it was a hot day as I am sure you are seeing her like this.
Simon loves to see the ladies fully covered and well protected in their rainwear and says he thinks the best way is to have the ladies just in the way you see Celeste here. Trousers and jacket, a mac over the top, gloves, boots and a cape for good measure and with an umbrella for no other reason than he loves to see umbrellas in use (just as I do). Of course each garment must be hooded so three hoods end up being worn at the same time. On a cold windy day like the one Celeste is out in this and hoping for rain this type of outfit really is the perfect one and even better if it is all of the same colour.

17th June

121 pics &
HD Video Clip

White Water
High Definition Video
Lavinia in White Water
6 mins 00 secs - 231 mb

Finding this ford in the middle of a village was very convenient when Lavinia was out looking for water to play around in. Dressed in a white spotted mac and white Hunter wellies with a white umbrella she was very happy to play around in the water as it was a hot day and this provided her with great amusement as you can see, including taking a look in the tunnels and then finishing up on the convenient bench.
Three more occasions with the ladies out and about and very fine they look too. Alexia is wearing a hooded very shiny black plastic mac which she has belted very tightly and black rubber riding boots. Even though the day was very hot she had no problem wearing the mac buttoned and hooded and wanted to move to the edge of the road with the traffic passing by. With her beautiful smile and fishnet stockings on show the traffic was missing one of the best roadside displays of the day. Lavinia is at the local plane museum and wearing a short pink pvc jacket and pink patterned wellies she certainly attracted a lot of attention as you expect. The planes as a backdrop made Lavinia very happy and wanted to climb all over them but at this moment it was look but no touching. Anita was down on the beach on a cold day a while ago, she is dressed in a long shiny purple mac and purple Hunter wellies. Hooded with the mac loose to begin with then with the belt and hood tied in position it was time to move out to the edge of the water and into the cold wind. After this is was time to take a seat out of the wind and the moment to show off her sand covered wellies.
I have many rainwear rubber lovers thankfully so it is always a good thing to have the ladies in rubber whenever possible. Keith G is one of these people and he loves to see the girls in full rubber with waders and sou'westers, so here is Celeste and Imogen dressed in such. Asking to see them sitting with their legs apart and knees pulled up to show off the waders is one way to likes to see them and of course with the sou'westers tightly tied under the chin. This is what you like and what you have asked to see so this is what you get, please enjoy everybody.

10th June

112 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helping Hands
High Definition Video
Ivory in Helping Hands
4 mins 25 secs - 171 mb

Having Ivory offering to help out with a little gardening was a very pleasant offer and having her dressed for such a job was an even better idea. Orange work jacket and trousers and very heavy orange rubber safety boots and rubber gloves and she was away with the hedge trimmer, but being a warm day she had to take off the top to reveal her naked body underneath.
There is always work to be done in my garden so having some 'working' girls around is always very much appreciated. Ivory offered to help with some gardening as it is something she loves to do and misses it as she now lives in a third floor flat. Very keen to take her up on her offer so with her dressed in orange work clothes and heavy orange safety wellies, things started off with a couple of hiccups. First she did not realise the strimmer was not plugged in as the extension lead had been used elsewhere and then the chainsaw would not start, so it had to be the hedge trimmer for this time. Not long before she came too hot in her hooded jacket so off it came to reveal her naked body which as always is a glorious sight to behold. Drew also wanted to help so with her in a purple nylon jacket and purple Hunter wellies she helped to rake up the branches that had been cut down. In her hooded very short jacket and bare wellied legs, it was a perfect outfit for the job in hand on a very hot day. Shannon was very sad to see the state of my old greenhouse, as am I, but it has just about come to the end of its life in the current form. Dressed in a long red Rukka mac and heavy red toe capped wellies she did help pick up some of the broken glass and clear out some of the rubbish. She said though she is willing to help again, something I will be taking her up on as it is a good excuse to have her dressed like this again.
A lovely way to stay warm and dry outdoors in the cold weather is by wearing rainwear over winter coats. It is something I have take to very readily in the last few years and now have a large collection of winter coats for this purpose. This is making Gordon and Peter g very happy as they both have asked to see more of this whenever possible. Taken earlier in the year, Celeste is wearing a thick black fur lined pvc coat with a matching fur hood and then has a long yellow mac over the top. The mac being belted, buttoned and hooded which then made a lovely outfit for climbing around on frost covered straw bales. Siren has on a long blue mac over her parka hooded coat and was grateful for the extra protection for the sun belies just how cold the day was. Looking like she does it is obvious why people like to see the ladies dressed like this.

3rd June

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

A New Star
High Definition Video
Imogen in A New Star
6 mins 40 secs - 255 mb

Imogen is a wonderful new star now featuring on the site. She is loving being here in all weathers. A very windy day and she is in a long green cape on top of a small mound trying to catch as much of the wind as she can. Then testing out my new mud pit while dressed all in blue with tow umbrellas instead of the usual one.
My first little rainwear interlude with another new lady to the rainwear scene by the name of Lily-Ana. With Lily dressed in a along see thru red mac and myself in a shorter version of the same and both of us in red wellies and sharing a red umbrella, we made it outdoors just as it was stopping raining, but is was a delightful introduction to another lady who is very happy to be here. When Lavinia and Alexia were out together they were at one time dressed in red macs with black see thru ones over the top down at the rivers edge. Getting a little too close to the edge before they sat themselves onto the long bench and had a little wellie kicking session before they tightened the hoods and wandered off together. When Drew first bought Isabelle around they both ended up sitting on the lounge sofa and fooling around with each other. Both of them dressed in long loose macs and wellies, yellow for Drew and pink for Isabelle they draped themselves over each other and then hooded each other, pulling them as tight as possible down over their heads and then finished off with their rubber booted feet up on the coffee table.
The lovely beautiful blonde Imogen is here again I am happy to say and doesn't she look gorgeous dressed in her rainwear. A beautiful new star to my site who is loving every minute of being here. In a bright yellow heavy duty riding mac all buttoned and belted along with bright red wellies and a red umbrella she makes her way through the pathway and adding a matching sou'wester to her outfit as she goes. Swinging herself around the gate post and tipping down the brim on the sou'wester as she goes. A very windy day and wearing a long green semi see thru cape she dances and twirls herself to the top of the mound to catch the full force of the strong wind. This was something she had never done before on purpose but did enjoy it and doesn't she cute with the hood fully tightened around her face. In along blue mac and blue Hunter wellies she wanted to go and have a proper look at my new mud pit. Pulling back the black plastic she found a little mud underneath and soon muddied her boots as much as possible. Then with two blue umbrellas opened up she continue to dance and play around in the mud, all the time with a huge smile on her face.


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