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HD Videos

16th July

128 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena & Elle

Time to Pop
High Definition Video
Helena & Elle in Time to Pop
6 mins 35 secs - 245 mb

John D has been asking us to pop some balloons while dressed in macs and and heavy boots so Elle who loves to play around with balloons, had to be the right choice. Stomping sitting and crushing the balloons after a little slapping each other with them was a most enjoyable time.
My husband and I are as bad as each other when it comes to buying rainwear and boots. I seem to have acquired quite a few new transparent macs (for the summer) and pairs of wellies lately including three glass clear macs with different colour edging, which I think are just wonderful. Then just after seeing and buying these glorious very shiny red Sporting Hares wellies, Kean found me these beautiful Sandhurst Hunter two tone boots which look so much like riding boots that I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. Then came a surprise the Hunter Thurloe lace up boots which I have been looking and wanting for a while arrived unexpectedly as a present from Kean. Having them all together in the bedroom did make me appreciate just how lucky I am. Outdoors on a hot day with Drew and her in just knickers, wellies and a short nylon jacket had to be a great summer outfit. With puddles left from the previous nights rain, sometimes it cannot get better than this. Siren loves this clear white spotted mac and it does look very nice on her over her lingerie and with white wellies on her feet. Gradually undressing showing off her lingerie and body does provide a beautiful sight enhanced by the fact she keeps her boots on. As the weather is so warm now little and clear seems to be the way to go when it comes to us and rainwear.
Red with a red swim cap is something that Joe T has been asking to see so that is what I have for you. Celeste in two different red Rukka macs, red wellies and a red swim hat, first with a long matt Rukka mac and the outdoors in a shiny red Rukka mac with red Hunter Thurlstone wellies helping me to start filling up my new garden pool. It was a very hot day so the water hose was useful to keep her mac cool but then wanted to do a little sunbathing in her rainwear. The pool will soon be full so then it will be fully dressed rainwear ladies getting very wet and the swim hats will come into their own once again.

9th July

132 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena & Drew

Suitable Weather
High Definition Video
Helena & Drew in Suitable Weather
8 mins 35 secs - 319 mb

It's the middle of summer and I am building a paddling pool in the garden out of straw bales and a tarpaulin but the weather is so windy and cold that Drew and myself had to suit and boot up to try and arrange the tarpaulin and start filling it with water.
In the process of building a paddling pool in the garden out of straw bales and a tarpaulin but did not expect the weather to be so windy and cold. This did mean that Drew and myself had to suit and boot up to try and arrange the tarpaulin over the bales and start filling it with water, but the wind would not let get the job done. The fact that we did keep spraying each other with water obviously had nothing to do with it and the wind did make it lots of fun and of course it means we are going to have to do it again very soon as the final result should be lots of fun to play around in. Down by the boats with Michelle with us both in nylon jackets and wellies, Michelle's skirt being a lot shorter than mine but both of us showing off our bare legs and fooling around with each other and each others outfit and a chance to climb all over the harbour wall could not be missed. The last time Elle was here she was topless but wearing a very long clear mac and black and white wellies. It started to rain a little so I quickly donned a black mac and purple wellies and we both rushed outdoors. The rain did not materialise unfortunately but just having Elle dressed the way she was made it all worth while.
I always try to get outdoors with the ladies when the weather is cloudy or looks like rain but many times the sun decides to come out anyway, but it did stay away with Fay. With Fay in a beige Rukka style mac and black Hunter wellies she was more than happy to kick and sit around in the mud waiting on the rain and was hoping that by doing up her hood it would help to bring on the rain, it didn't! but she does look lovely. It was bright and overcast for Siren and she loved this retro blue cotton backed mac and blue boots to go with her blue jeans and loved to have it fully buttoned and the big collar turned up. For Blossom the sun did come out so up came the hood on her oversized long pink mac to keep the sun out of her eyes. She did undo the belt so the mac hung loose and tied the hood so tight that she could not actually see where she was going but the effect was glorious as you can see.

2nd July

120 pics &
HD Video Clip

Summer Time Blues
High Definition Video
Blossom in Summer Time Blues
6 mins 25 secs - 240 mb

A hot sunny day and Blossom in a blue Rukka mac and blue wellies finding the last of the puddles and mud left behind from last weeks rain. After finding sitting on he edge of the muddy puddle what else would you expect her to do apart from smearing mud all over her mac and laying down in the sun.
A hot sunny day and here is a scantily clad, bare legged Drew in a semi transparent long black mac first finding some shade and a seat in a bus shelter where she makes herself comfortable and then slowly pulls up and ties the hood on the mac before venturing out in the hot sun, which she was quite happy to do as she does like to protect her very white skin. It was warm but very cloudy for Siren and she had just missed the rain but in her shorts, pink Hunter wellies and pink edged glass clear mac she looked absolutely gorgeous as she played about on the bridge hoping it would rain again. A hot sunny day and Blossom as well but a blue Rukka mac and blue wellies was the right outfit for the last of the mud and puddles left behind from last weeks rain. She found that kicking about in the puddles was actually cooling as the water was still very cold and could not resist smearing mud all over her mac after she had sat herself down on the ground. This obviously tired her out as spot of rainwear sun bathing came next.
It is always lovely to see the ladies fully dressed and covered up when out in the cold wet weather and at times like this more than one mac is often on the menu of the day. Celeste is in a long clear mac over a long black one and with both of them wet they do look so good when sticking together. Boots and gloves of course and double hooded did not help to keep her very warm but she did look good. Carley had been playing around in a nylon suit and as the day grew darker a white spotted mac over the top did lots to brighten things up. Gloves, boots and double hooded again as she played around on the swings and tyres. Fay so wanted it to rain hard but had just stopped but that did stop her wearing a long pink mac over her rain suit and then attracting attention as she crossed the road to find some mud to play around in.

25th June

137 pics &
HD Video Clip

Power Play
High Definition Video
Helena in Power Play
9 mins 15 secs - 345 mb

Time to clean a very dirty red Rukka mac covered in dried mud so a power washer had to be the best idea. It was a hot day so pink Hunter wellies and my new glass clear hooded mac with pink edging and pink rubber gloves were donned to keep me dry and out in the sun I went. My Huskie dog did try to give me a hand and drink the washer water but she seemed to enjoy herself as much as me.
Four more of my ladies again dressed to please in the most lovely way. It was a cold and misty winters morning but with Violet dressed in a long ankle length loose fitting green hooded mac it provided a delightful few moments as she made her way into the garden to help me collect my dog who had decided it did not want to return to the house. Jessica found a digger to climb around on while wearing just a short nylon jacket and black shiny boots which was very useful in helping to show off her bare legs. Violet looking very lovely in a yellow riding mac with the belt tightened as much as possible and with yellow Hunter wellies which she was very keen to admire and show off. On Rosa' first visit it actually started raining but by the time she had her blue mac and boots on the rain had stopped and the sun was out again. Not that she really minded as she was enjoying herself anyway. For Fay it was a silver cape and silver Hunter wellies the two looking very good together with Fay loving wearing a cape as she always does.
Good times with Michelle are one of the things I always look forward to and cannot get enough of this lovely lady. It was cloudy and a bit miserable but very warm so black macs and wellies were on the menu just in case it decided to rain for us (which it didn't!). With us in long loose fitting semi transparent black macs and red wellies the first thing Michelle wanted was an ice cream which had to be a good idea. Grabbing a bench seat while we finished these off with the mac hoods pulled and tied up was a wonderful start to the day. Then it was time to go down to the beach proper so a change into shiny black trench coats and black and white wellies came next. A play around in the surf did seem appropriate and neither of us minded when the water splashed into our boots as some of the waves were a little bigger than expected.With the wind picking up it was a good excuse to pull the macs around us even more and turn up the collars.

18th June

129 pics &
HD Video Clip

At the Docks
High Definition Video
Michelle in At the Docks
4 mins 30 secs - 169 mb

If you are going down to the docks to look at the ships, it seemed that the most appropriate type of rainwear should be a bright yellow Rukka mac and yellow wellies so that is just how Michelle is dressed. It looked particularly glamorous over her short dress and even when the sun came out she was perfectly happy to wear it tightly belted and hooded when going for a walk along the parapet and then laying down to soak up the sun.
Two blondes and one brunette dressed and outdoors and looking very lovely with it. Carley is in a belted green Rukka mac and black lace up wellies and out in the woods on what was a cold grey day. She was more than happy kicking around in the mud and even managed to find one green Dunlop boot laying there, wonder what happened to the other one. After she had fully done up the mac and hood and the belt pulled in even tighter it showed off her beautiful figure in the most glorious way. Siren is looking very glamorous in her red patterned mac and red and white rubber boots. With a shallow river to wade around in she was a very happy bunny except when the cold water came over the top of her boots, which did make her scream a little. With her umbrella open and her bare legs on show it shows just how lovely these ladies can look in their rainwear. Celeste is dressed in a very shiny brown Rukka style mac, tightly hooded and belted, again showing off her lovely figure. It was a windy cold day but that did nothing to take the smile from Celeste's face, in fact just the opposite, she was more than happy to play around and ended up jumping off the concrete drain several times to see how high she could jump.
Anthony G has been asking to see more silver and gold macs especially silver with silver boots if at all possible. It was Anthony's initial request for this that my husband bought me a pair of silver Hunter wellies as he thought that this was an excellent excuse to do just that. It was a cold winter evening a while ago when silver was the right colour to make me stand out in the evening gloom. With the silver Hunter boots, silver rubber gloves and a silver handled umbrella it was a good way to make sure I did not get lost! With Siren in a loose fitting hooded silver mac and the silver Hunter wellies she found a life belt to try on to make sure it fitted in case she fell in the river. The river was only six inches deep but I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. Siren absolutely loves the silver outfit and wanted to keep the boots. I had to say no but she is welcome to wear them whenever she wants.

11th June

122 pics &
HD Video Clip

Sunshine Playday
High Definition Video
Blossom in Sunshine Playday
8 mins 40 secs - 323 mb

Blossom in a long pink mac, bare legs and pink Hunter wellies finding a tractor to play around on before adding a purple mac and then a cape over her pink mac but keeping her legs on show as she kicked her way through the long grass.
Anytime could be the right time for nylon but the hot weather is an even better time as it can be so much cooler to wear. For Jessica out in the woods it was a nylon orange cagoule with red Hunter wellies and matching red gloves which all makes her look very glamorous, exciting and beautiful. For Drew it was a navy Peter Storm nylon jacket and black Hunter wellies and very little else and with her long blonde hair and bare legs there cannot be a better way to wear a nylon rain jacket . With the hood pulled up and the jacket fully zipped I find it difficult to believe that anybody could not find this stunning. It was after the nights rain and with Fay in a blue and black Regatta rain suit and pink spotted wellies there was lots of puddles for her to play around in and it even obliged with a little more rain in the last few moments. I am in a long red nylon jacket with fishnet stockings and short red wellies and more than happy to be tightly hooded to keep the midges away from me as I always seem to be part of their buffet.
Elle thinks that macs with matching hats or bonnets is a very big plus so with her in this long loose fitting 1980's black and white spotted mac she was desperate to wear the hat so much that it went on first and came off a very late last. It is so perfect for her and when peering out of the clear hats edging she gives out that extra sparkle that I love so much. Rosa loves corsets and high heels and also this long clear mac which she so wanted to try on when she saw it and now loves it even more after she has worn it. She has threatened to steal it from me, but in the nicest way possible! A very hot sunny day and Blossom is out in the corn fields in a long pink mac and pink Hunter wellies. Her micro length dress showing off her legs as she kept the mac open trying to find a breeze. Hooding herself against the sun she wandered off into the long grass of an adjoining field where she added a semi transparent purple mac over her pink one. Double hooded but still showing off her lovely legs does seem like a good way to dress for the sun.

4th June

121 pics &
HD Video Clip

Heavy & Wet
High Definition Video
Helena in Heavy & Wet
5 mins 50 secs - 218 mb

Dressed in the heaviest black rubber coat I have along with black rubber boots, gloves and sou'wester and a water hose to stay cool with. After the coat has been fully buttoned and belted it was time to get wet with the addition of a second long heavy pair of rubber gloves and a gas mask to finish off with.
Three very glamorous ladies dressed in their rainwear and out in the sun and the rain. Fay is dressed in a retro shiny black mac with white stitching, buttons and zip and a lovely rounded high collar. With the mac comes black and white star wellies and a white see thru umbrella along with a cloudy wet day that would not actually rain at the right time. Still with Fay looking like this it has to be a good idea to always be prepared. It was a bright sunny day for Drew after a stormy night so with her in the shortest dress possible and black Hunter wellies and a new glass clear knee length mac. I think rainwear in the sun always looks very good and even better when there are puddles to play around in on the cliff top. It was another wet day for Celeste and she was dressed in a red mac and matching red wellies and gloves, it would only rain for a about thirty seconds at a time but Celeste was happy having a good time anyway.
After having such a lovely e-mail from Chris T asking for more capes in the nicest way possible, how could I say no. Chris has been a cape fan for a long while and though he likes long macs and to see the ladies fully covered, capes have always been his favourite. Jessica in an ankle length black shiny cape over her black shiny mac and boots was more than happy to swish it around so it flows around her body and off the ground. It is easy to why a scene like this is so appealing.

28th May

130 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena & Jessica

Helping Each Other
High Definition Video
Helena & Jessica in Helping Each Other
7 mins 05 secs - 264 mb

Starting off with yellow Rukka macs and then myself helping Jessica into a yellow riding mac before she helps me with a yellow trench coat and then with a change of mind into a beige riding coat. Helping each other into rainwear really is one of the delights of doing what we do.
Three lovely ladies outdoors and looking very glamorous in their rainwear and boots. For Elle it was a bright yellow trench coat and purple Hunter wellies and a matching yellow umbrella. With nothing on her top half under the mac watching her reveal herself is a delight to behold. With her breasts exposed and a big smile on her face how could there be a better way for her to wear her rainwear. Drew was wearing only the tiniest pair of panties as well as the new hooded lilac and mac and purple Hunter wellies and as she loves the warm weather being out in the sun was very welcome to her. After displaying her lovely body through the mac she sat herself onto the grass with her legs spread as far apart as possible and after the mac was fully undone she tightened the hood down over her face as she loves the warm weather but is not looking for a suntan on her beautiful white skin. Elyssia was dressed in a clear plastic hooded rain suit with a long clear trench coat being worn over the top. The only other clothes she was wearing was her bra, panties and white wellies which again was very suitable on a warm day when the lady wanted protection from the insects and midges
I am so lucky to have so many beautiful loving lady friends, I can never get enough of them and hope you cannot as well. Jessica and myself dressed in matching yellow Rukka macs and yellow wellies before deciding a change was in order. For Jessica it was a yellow riding mac and for me it was a plastic yellow trench coat but then deciding I should be in a riding mac as well, so it was a beige one for me. These changes being achieved by helping each other into our macs and then joining each other on the floor where we ended up with playful kicking each other with our yellow boots. Then with the lovely Elle and both of us in blue macs and boots for a quick little interlude before Elle had to return indoors when she suddenly realised she was going to be late for her doctors appointment. I had the blame for that as she was enjoying herself so much that she did not realise the time. In long loose fitting macs, again with Elle with pink for me with pink Hunter wellies and navy for Elle with black Hunter boots we both so much wanted it to rain as per the forecast ,but live it hope that will rain at the right time, next time.

21st May

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

Covering Up
High Definition Video
Elle in Covering Up
5 mins 30 secs - 207 mb

Luckily enough we are still having some colder days and when that happens it is always time to cover up in rainwear. Elle in a green plastic rain suit covered by a long black mac and then a long wet transparent mac all of which makes a great outfit for rolling around in the long wet grass.
All of my ladies are well suited to rain suits. They look good in everything and on the right occasion they can look marvelous in matching trousers and jackets. Jessica is in a blue plastic suit and blue wellies and looking among some of the collection as what to add to the suit but deciding she wants to stay just as she is, which had to be the right decision as after she has pulled the hood up and draped herself among the macs she does make for a stunning picture. Elle is a green suit with black gloves and wellies and out in the fields and luckily enough it was fairly warm so she pulls up the jacket and it is delightful to see she is wearing nothing underneath except her beautiful body. She does fully cover herself up again as she makes her way home and still manages to look so very glamorous. Violet is in a yellow suit with black rubber gloves and her trousers tucked into black Hunter wellies. This was her choice of suit as was the first suit she wore here and wanted it to be the last as well, what better reason could there be?
I have riding mac fans and I have wader fans and I certainly have riding macs with wader fans so all of these people including Rob, John K, Neville and CAW here is Michelle in a heavy beige riding mac and Hunter Century waders. Michele does so enjoy the actual dressing up and then showing off what she is wearing and this is s good outfit for just that as you can see. It even rain a little, a downpour would have been better, but I guess you cannot have everything can you? The sou'wester is something I do like to see with outfit so I do hope you do not mind me adding that.

14th May

117 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena & Rosa

May Showers
High Definition Video
Helena & Rosa in May Showers
6 mins 15 secs - 234 mb

All dressed up in red with Rosa and as soon as went outdoors the sun came out. Luckily enough five minutes later the clouds returned and it started to rain which made this a very good day as the return of Rosa and rain in the same day has to be a good thing.
Over the years many ladies have come and gone as lives change but this has been a strange couple of weeks with three of the ladies I have not seen for a long while have made comebacks and two others are leaving the country. Welcoming back Michelle has been an absolute delight as I always miss her beautiful smile and the enjoyment she gets of being here with me. In a black Rukka mac and black Hunter wellies she was very happy to be out in the long grass and had to roll the cattle feeder around as does everybody that sees it. A chance meeting with Rosa who appeared here once a long while ago and here she is again, hopefully to stay. It started to rain heavily but by the time we were dressed in matching shiny red macs and wellies it was bright sunshine again and we thought that was that. However five minutes later it was raining again, don't you just love these May showers? Then a message out of the blue from Betty saying she was back in town so I wasted no time in getting her around and dressed up in a heavy Grundens nay mac and navy Hunter wellies and with a navy umbrella to help keep the sun of her pale skin, and because I love to see my ladies heavily dressed of course.
It is always sad when any of ladies have to leave and Violet and Ammalia are now leaving the country. Violet, who is half American is now off to live in the USA after a job offer and even though she is sad to leave I do wish her well in her new life. Here, first in a blue Rukka mac and navy riding boots she relished her last time one of these macs, especially this one as she does love the colour so much. Then a new red see through mac, new shiny red Sporting Hares wellies and a new red rain hat she looks an absolute delight with this being worn over her lingerie. An umbrella to add a touch of glamour and a show off her bare legs makes her look so very lovely and me missing her already. Ammalia has only been here a short while after an extended holiday but now has to return to her native Italy. We have only know her for a very short time but have grown to love her as much as she has being here and as you can see she loves this collection so much as dressed in a long clear mac over her black lingerie an stockings she loved to cuddle and wrap herself up in the macs. I wish both of these beauties good luck for the future and and thanks to you both for being here with me.

7th May

112 pics &
HD Video Clip
Violet & Sassie

It Takes Two
High Definition Video
Violet & Sassie in It Takes Two
5 mins 45 secs - 214 mb

Violet and Sassie have been friends for a long while and fooling around together is something that they both enjoy. Here, dressed in green Rukka macs and black and white star patterned wellies they first end up having a sword fight with their umbrellas and then a 'boxing' match after donning clear macs and long black rubber gloves over their Rukka's.
Beautiful ladies in macs and boots all with a touch of glamour to go with it. Jessica is in a long black shiny trench coat and matching shiny black boots and her bare legs showing from under the mac as she plays about inside the upturned cattle feeder. From spreading herself out and trying to roll the feeder down the field she ends up sitting in the bottom of it and peeling back the mac to show off her lovely legs as she finds the most comfortable position to lay down. Ammalia is in a transparent red and mac and red short lace up wellies, the mac being the latest addition to the collection. The sultry beautiful Ammalia suits this mac so well as it contrasts beautifully with her dark looks. Showing off her bare legs as well is a lovely sight to behold. Deception is sitting on the table in a fully buttoned up clear plastic trench coat, fishnet stockings and high heels. With it tightly belted she tucks her very long hair into the back of the coat and turns up the collar which only enhance her appearance is the most wonderful way.
For Alan who particularly likes short macs and Hunter wellies and Roger who loves nylon here is Michelle looking quite stunning in a very short blue nylon jacket and blue Hunter wellies. Her long legs are very suited to an outfit like this, the jacket would be lovely by itself especially after Michelle has pulled up and tied the hood in place and Hunter wellies always look good at any time. However when put together like this the appeal for so many is so easy to see.

30th April

132 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena & Michelle

Welcome Back
High Definition Video
Helena & Michelle in Welcome Back
6 mins 30 secs - 244 mb

I am very happy to welcome Michelle back after a long absence and it seemed like red macs were in order until we got outside and realised the sun had come out, so swapping our macs for loose fitting capes had to be the sensible idea instead of wearing them over the macs.
With the weather being so changeable it makes going out in rainwear that little bit more fun as you are never sure what it is going to do from one minute to the next. More of my day out with Drew. Cold but very sunny sunny and us both in long Rukka macs, blue for Drew and red for me and both of us in coloured patterned wellies as well. This was just as well as there were puddles and mud to kick around in which was the whole idea in the first place. Celeste in a silver trench coat and black Hunter wellies out on a cold wet day and being perfectly dressed for the occasion. A matching rain hat and then an umbrella to complete her outfit as she made her way across the road attracting quite a lot of attention from passing motorists as she did so, which pleased her no end.
Jessica is always welcome here by myself and I know many of you as well as she is so obviously very popular. In a long shiny red mac, re wellies and red gloves this beautiful blonde looks so very stunning down at the edge of the pond and even tried testing the depth of the water to see if she could wade about in it. Unfortunately she would have ended up waist deep after about six inches into the pond. In a long pink hooded mac, bare legs and striped wellies she was more than willing to show off her lovely legs from under the mac by bringing her feet up the wall as high as they would go. The matching pink umbrella adding a very nice touch of glamour. Then it was bare legs again with black Hunter wellies and a very short nylon Peter Storm jacket. This again was a wonderful way to show of her figure especially as she climbed up onto the gate and the jacket pulling up and showing off her botty.

23rd April

120 pics &
HD Video Clip

Happy Memories
High Definition Video
Buffy in Happy Memories
7 mins 05 secs - 265 mb

The other thing apart from playing in mud that has bought back so many happy memories for Buffy is of when she was growing up and climbing about in trees and anything else she could find, the only difference now is that she gets to do it in rainwear and in this case a blue plastic rain suit and navy wellies were the perfect attire.
Three more occasions when my beautiful friends are outdoors in their rainwear outfits and looking very stunning as they go. Siren is in a shiny blue Rukka mac and black wellies with bare legs under her mac and making her way to the waters edge but it was unfortunately much too deep for her short wellies. Instead she ties her hood up and flashes her legs as she makes her way around the water to a spot where she can sit down and she does look so cute and beautiful as she rests at the waters edge. With a fishing rod rest in sight out came the matching sou'wester which fitted the scene perfectly. Jessica is in a long navy mac, red Hunter wellies and red gloves and finding what is left of the mud as it has not rained her for quite a while now. The tightly hooded she first finds a small hill and then some grass to enjoy the warm weather. Celeste did find a wet day and in a metallic mac and matching hat she also found an empty kids playground to enjoy herself on, it was such a shame that it would not actually rain but was well worth the wait anyway.
Many people seem to like to see us dressed in more than one mac at a time. For Simon H and all other double mac lovers here is Anita in a long semi transparent hooded mac and a purple trench coat with purple wellies and black rubber gloves, exactly the combination that Simon has asked to see. Dressed this way you can clearly see both macs when the trench coat is fully done up and the hood on the black one is tightened. Anita is a very glamorous beautiful lady and seeing her like this makes me think how right Simon is to like something like this.


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