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HD Videos



18th January

112 pics &
HD Video Clip

Fay & Ruby

Blue with Cold
High Definition Video
Fay & Ruby in Blue with Cold
7 mins 05 secs - 272 mb

Blue rainwear with the cold weather that is and for this I have Fay and another new lady called Ruby for you. Fay is in a long loose fitting blue mac with blue Hunter wellies and for Ruby it is a blue striped mac with short blue wellies. Both are playing around in the ice covered mud and both are having a ball.
Three glamorous ladies in their lingerie and boots, this has to be rainwear at it's most glamorous and very best. Drew is sitting on the floor in front of the fire and she is wearing a long hooded clear mac over her beautiful black and pink lingerie and silver Hunter wellies on her bare legs. She slowly starts to undo the mac and as she reveals her lingerie she pulls up the hood and spreads her legs wide as she completes undoing the mac but leaving the hood in place. The smile on her face showing she must be happy with the result. Lily is outdoors on a sunny winters day with just a clear plastic trench coat over her lingerie. The mac is fully buttoned and it is coupled with grey wellies and soon a clear sou'wester matching her mac. The plastic may have been cold on her bare skin, but the effect does look good. To go with Jades red lingerie it had to be a see thru red mac, short red wellies and red gloves and with her sitting on a low chair she knows how to look so very glamorous as she undoes the mac and pulls the red hood up over her head and down over her eyes.
John G and Suzie love to see gas masks being worn with the macs and John has asked to see something with the gas mask is wet and fogged up , if possible. Yes it is possible and here is Malika with her gas mask and her hooded mac and silver Hunter wellies and after she had donned the mask a water spray soon created the fogged up effect which does look quite delightful and even better when she opens up her umbrella as well. Then comes Imogen in her wet macs and tightly hooded over her vintage wet gas mask with fogged up eye pieces and the gas mask tube wrapped around her waist.



11th January

119 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena & Drew

Loving Yellow
High Definition Video
Helena & Drew in Loving Yellow
9 mins 05 secs - 349 mb

Having lots of yellow rainwear it has to be a good idea to put it to lots of use. First here is myself changing from one yellow Rukka to another and just missing the sunset. Then here is yellow Rukka'd Drew getting stuck in a very muddy ditch in the early evening.
Five delightful young ladies looking just that. Lavinia is stretched out on my sofa wearing a short bright red zipped mac with red Hunter wellies and red gloves. Rainwear indoors is never much better than this and I adore seeing my ladies draped around my house like this. This lovely retro mac has not been out for a while and I was right when I thought it would look great on Kiti and with wellies and an umbrella I was even more right. Michelle ended up wearing a wet see thru purple mac over a wet black one with long waders as well. What better way to show off the wet waders than by having her bring her leg up to show them off. Buffy is always smiling and in a short nylon jacket, bare legs and wellies and out in the sun, she is in her element. Nothing stops this lady from enjoying herself. A yellow Rukka mac, yellow rain trousers and yellow wellies for Drew and a very muddy ditch just as it was getting dark. Even though it was cold and she did actually get stuck in the mud she still wants more.
Before the weather turned really cold I managed to get these four ladies out in their macs for three lovely interludes, definitely a good idea. With Kiti and Siren both dressed in silver macs and coloured wellies they found this Hymac digger left all alone, just for them , of course so they had to climb and play around on it. Then pulling up their macs to show off their bare legs and wellies is always a good idea. Alexia looks very glamorous in her long loose fitting red mac and black spotted wellies. A perfect outfit for the day as it was hot so loose fitting had to be best. This along with the big hood to keep the sun off her face and the wellies to cope with the very wet grass she was a very happy lady. Celeste started off with her long white spotted mac loose but soon belted it as tight as possible, another good idea. Then a matching rain hat and wearing white wellies she made her way down the river bank and swapped her hat for a spotted rain bonnet. Need I say it, another good idea.



4th January

129 pics &
HD Video Clip


A Cold Blast
High Definition Video
Lavinia in A Cold Blast
5 mins 35 secs - 212 mb

The idea was to have Lavinia wading in the river but such a cold icy wind suddenly appeared from nowhere that she had to make do kicking around in the river bank mud. Wearing a long navy mac with a blue one over the top did help a little to keep out the very cold wind, which is why the gas mask had to help as well.
Two rainwear clad ladies has to be better than one and I do not see anybody disagreeing with this. From Kiti's first visit with Siren they were both dressed in pink macs with bare legs while seated on the sofa, each having a pait of aptterned pink wellies to adorn themselves with. After making a show of putting on the wellies they draped their legs over each other and then up came the hoods which only seemed to put them both in an even better mood as they cuddled up to each other. Then from Emily's visit with Drew they were boith dressed in shiny black plastic trench coats which did provide a very glamorous and beauitifil interlude. They both loved the padded coats and being a cold day were very keen to put them on and have them fully zipped and buttoned. This again meant that when this was done the closer these two ladies became, which is what this is all about.
I have quite a few yellow rainwear fans and JT has said how he would have loved to see some Yellow Rukka macs in the Rukka gallery that I have just put up, as I am sure Soren would as well. To make up for that here is Celeste in a yellow Rukka mac down at the duck pond and then there is me changing from one yellow Rukka mac to another and trying (unsuccessfully) to catch the sunset. It was still very much worth the effort though.



28th December

125 pics &
HD Video Clip

Celeste & Violet

It's Cold Out
High Definition Video
Celeste & Violet in It's Cold Out
5 mins 50 secs - 224 mb

It is now very cold outdoors so these heavy duty riding trench coats are just great for the winter. When coupled with black rubber riding boots and sou'wester the outfit becomes even better. Celeste is in red and admiring some very old gravestones and Violet is in green down at the river on a very foggy cold day.
Five of ladies again, all suitably dressed to impress and very lovely they look too. Alexia is in a shiny brown beautiful belted mac ideal for the cold weather as it is cotton backed and quite warm. With the mac tightly belted and Alexia hooded it is easy to see why this mac and Alexia are both so popular. For Buffy it was a bright red Peter Storm cagoule and bright red wellies and with doing what she loves to do, playing or climbing on anything at all, it was a very suitable outfit. With Lavinia in a long green hooded mac and black rubber boots she is another lady who just likes to fool around and the rainwear just brings it out in her even more. Celeste looks very smart in her pink mac and pink wellies and it was just finishing raining as she made her way down the river bank before finding a seat to put her feet up. Then a very beautiful Violet in a long black see thru mac over her summer dress and silhouetted against the sun when the weather was a lot warmer. A glorious way to show off the mac and the lady.
Matthius says he loves the now blonde Violet and thinks she is beautiful and would love to see her hooded in a long clear mac. As it happens I have these pics taken last summer of myself and Violet in just that so you get two for the price of one. With both of us in long clear macs and red wellies we enjoyed a little interlude outdoors and then with the hoods up which did end up tied down over our faces as this is what Violet done, as she likes to do this and I just followed.



21st h December

143 pics &
HD Video Clip


In The Clear
High Definition Video
Celeste in In The Clear
7 mins 30 secs - 288 mb

Celeste is always willing to play around so give her a children's playground or a ditch full of mud and all you have to do is dress her in such things as clear macs and white wellies and she will have a ball. First in a clear hooded mac and then in an ankle length clear trench coat with a white bonnet to match her white wellies and gloves she looks just wonderful.
The phrase' they do not make them like anymore' can apply to many things nowadays and certainly does apply to these Rukka macs which are such good quality items and so very popular with so many rainwear fans. For Blossom it was a belted and hooded shiny blue Rukka mac coupled with navy wellies while she watered her newly planted seeds. Buffy is in a green hooded and belted Rukka and enjoying herself playing around in the mud and on the straw bales. Give her anything to climb on, and she is there. Like Blossom particularly delightful when hood and with the belt tightened as tight as possible. Then comes Emily's first time in a Rukka mac and out in the sun with red wellies, it being the mac she chose when asked to select one. I do live in an area with some beautiful sunsets and viewing them from on top of the rise in a matt blue Rukka mac and red Hunter wellies can always end a day in the most beautiful way.
For Michael S he says 'It is all about the boots' and confesses to be a big wellie fan especially if they are Hunter wellies, which she has been wearing for the last twenty years. Loves to see ladies wearing them as well so here is Buffy in pink Hunters and surrounded by many of my other pairs and she is more than happy to wear them and play around in them whenever she can. Kean thought that if I was going to wear his shirt I should wear white Hunter wellies as well as he thought they would look good together. Looks like he was right again. Then comes Buffy again outdoors in gold Hunter wellies in the summer and showing off another way to get a good view of her wellies.



14 th December

109 pics &
HD Video Clip


Going Green
High Definition Video
Blossom in Going Green
9 mins 05 secs - 350 mb

Blossom has been discovering her green fingers since moving to the country and has cut out some patches for her vegetables. But first dressed in a green Rukka mac and green waders she thought it would be a good idea to water and sit around in the mud before any planting. A good idea and well worth the effort even with a leaky watering can.
Three ladies looking their absolute best for you while showing off their bodies and lingerie in the best way possible. Kiti was wearing white lingerie so for her it had to be a white hooded mac, white wellies and white rubber gloves and as she undone the mac she pulled the hood up so was left hooded as she showed off her booted bare legs and body. Malika is very stunning and in a silver mac and heeled wellies she looks just gorgeous. After fully doing up all the buttons and belt she raises one leg onto the radiator to show off her fishnet stocking covered legs and black lingerie. It was a hot day and Imogen was out in the garden in just a pair of shorts and with a see thru red mac over her topless body and a pair of shiny red wellies on her bare legs. Hooded and with the mac pulled back to show off her body, this has to be a beautiful way to see any lovely lady out in the sun.
Blossom has moved to the country and into a large house and garden which is so suitable to see her dressed and playing around in her new environment. Out on her patio in a blue retro mac and wellies with an umbrella she had to practice with her new picnic table and chairs for next summer but dressed this way is so much more preferable. Indoors in front of her fire she was dressed in a yellow plastic trench coat and very heavy big yellow tipped firemen's wellies (she loves big heavy boots) and with the addition of a yellow spotted rain bonnet it really is excellent wear for indoors as well as out. In her garden in a green Rukka mac and green waders she decided to water her garden vegetable patches so she could sit around in them for the fun of it. First a little raking and then had to suffer the use of a very leaky watering can she still managed to look delightful and stunning as she sat around and kicked her mud covered waders in the air.



7th December

120 pics &
HD Video Clip


Always Reddy
High Definition Video
Imogen in Always Reddy
6 mins 50 secs - 262 mb

Imogen is always ready to get dressed up and get outdoors especially if there are any puddles or mud around. With a break in the very cold weather and Imogen all dressed up in bright red it was not difficult to find some muddy tracks. There was even a huge puddle in the back of the parked up truck which a macked and caped Imogen had to try out.
It is lovely to see the ladies on rainwear outings and it does seem that they enjoy them too. Lavinia is in the town park in a short black and white lace patterned jacket and matching wellies and after admiring the old Tower she has to take a seat on the bench and hood herself. Then it was down to the river which did have a very slippery bank and after sliding onto her bottom she was happy to stay there and fill up her wellies with the river water, which only made it more fun to see and she said more fun for her. A long warm hooded navy mac with red wellies and gloves for Alexia and very glamorous she looks draping herself over the tree stump. With the hood tied around her head and framing her face beautifully she kicks her booted legs in the air and ends up out in the sun. A dark blue semi see thru hooded mac and wellies for Kiti and down at the duck pond (which had no ducks on it) and with the mac belted and the hood tied tight she, as well looks very smart and glamorous as she sits on the bench before making her way back around the pond.
These lovely trench coats do look so good on the ladies and I know Seb T, Alastair and Ryan will agree when they see trench coats like this with a swim cap added. On the edge of a golf course with Violet in a tightly belted heavy duty beige mac, white rubber boots and gloves she found a golf ball with a face drawn on it which she did find amusing. Then with the mac fully buttoned and the collar turned up a white rubber swim cap was fitted onto her head and strapped under her chin. Violet is very happy to wear these swim caps as she loves the tight restricting feeling of them as she does very tight belts and does think this combination is a very glamorous one. I think she looks beautiful like this was well.



30th November

117 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ivory & Helena

Staying Warm
High Definition Video
Ivory & Helena in Staying Warm
9 mins 25 secs - 364 mb

Down coats may not strictly be classed as rainwear but they do keep you delightfully covered. With Ivory wearing a navy bib pant suit under her down coat and myself wearing a long clear mac over mine you are going to stay dry and warm no matter what the weather throws at you.
An overcast day for Lavinia and a huge puddle in the driveway fro her to play around in. A long hooded matt blue Rukka mac and navy wellies and she is in her element kicking and splashing her way through the water. Alexia was very impressed with this 'Heavy Rain' jacket and it looks just right with her bright red wellies and gloves. Taking a seat on the well top she hoods hers elf pulling it tight down over her head. Buffy always enjoys herself when she comes around and this time in a red Rukka mac and red tartan wellies was no exception. To go with the tartan wellies is a tartan cape which she then wears over the Rukka mac, her huge smile showing what she thinks of her outfit. Managed to get these quick pics of Sassie before she ha to leave but even a few was well worth it. In a very heavy rubber coat, boots, gloves and sou'wester she looks very stunning and even more so as the wet is glistening with water, wet rubber always looking good.
Lucky enough I do have outdoor wear that will keep you warm and dry and this is the time of the year that it really comes into its own. Thank you so much to Arne for these lovely items you see here. Navy heavy duty bib pants over a pink nylon jacket with a heavy duty navy jacket matching the bib pants was a good way fro Ivory to start on a cold Autumn day. Then came a beautiful navy down coat reaching down to her ankles. With this then zipped and buttoned all the way up and doubled hooded she looks absolutely gorgeous and ready fro the winter. With a failed oil delivery my house is very cold so a blue down coat had to be a good idea for the evening on one of the coldest evenings of the year so far. I also pulled on a long clear mac over the top and belted this as tight as possible. This mac helping to squeeze the down coat against me, which is a very pleasant feeling and am sure helps that little bit more.


23rd November

122 pics &
HD Video Clip

Kiti, Siren, Helena

Water Babes
High Definition Video
Kiti, Siren, Helena in Water Babes
6 mins 40 secs - 255 mb

Rainwear is always about water so for Kiti, Siren and myself it had to be wet see thru black macs with clear macs and a water hose. With the three of us being dressed like this only bought us closer to each other. Kiti in red then jumping and stamping about in puddles showing much she really enjoys this.
It does not get any better than this, dressed up with my ladies or seeing them dressed up together. With Kiti and Siren we were dressed in long black hooded macs and using the water hose soaked these macs and the clear ones laying on the hedge before they were fitted on over the black ones. Now with the delightful effect of wet macs sticking together it also meant it meant it bought us closer together as having this sort of fun it was it is all about. When Drew bought Emily around for the first time it was not long before they ended up like this in white macs and spotted wellies and playing around with other and ending with the two of them cuddling up to each other on a chair. Then for Buffy and myself it was blue all the way. Long hooded blue macs and blue wellies and another blue mac being used to sit down on meant we could then cuddle and wrap ourselves around each other, as the title says, lovely times.
It is always lovely to see the ladies so happy with what they are doing, I am a very lucky to have so many friends who love to dress and play around like this. Kiti may be new here but already loves it so much, especially if there are puddles and water to jump around in. In a long red mac and matching patterned wellies and umbrella she had the time of her life seeing how high she could jump in the puddles from the previous nights rain. Imogen loved these old fetish and 'Dressing for Pleasure' rainwear magazines so it seemed right to have her dressed in mac and boots while she browsed through them. She wants to this again as there is lots she did not get to see. For Sassie it was a heavy duty navy mac, wellies, gloves and umbrella and with her hooded and fully covered like this she looks beautiful and is really what rainwear is all about.


16th November

116 pics &
HD Video Clip

Lavinia & Kiti

Loving the Mud
High Definition Video
Lavinia & Kiti in Loving the Mud
8 mins 50 secs - 339 mb

Two ladies loving the mud while dressed in rubber rainwear. With Lavinia in a short coat and riding boots and Kiti in a very heavy rubber coat. Lavinia and Kiti searching out the ditch and puddles to paddle around in and in Kiti's case get her waders covered in mud by kneeling around in it.
I am lucky enough to have a lot of retro macs and am sure many older rainwear fans will remember seeing these from many years ago when they first came out. Celeste is in a silver 1960's A line style silver mac and she is down at the river on a very sunny hot day in the summer. With Celeste not minding rainwear in the sun she also had to have silver glitter wellies and a matching rain hat, with the total outfit looking very beautiful indeed. Violet is wearing a long 1950's style loose fitting mac and heeled pink rubber boots. She also has a matching rain bonnet which she ties onto her head and under her chin, now all she needs is the rain. Was a hot day for Buffy as well but like Celeste she does not have a problem with wearing rainwear in the sun. This retro black knee length tight fitting zip up mac fits and suits her perfectly as the zip starts high enough to show off her bare legs and black and white wellies. As she moves out into the sun she adds a black pvc hat and carries an umbrella is case she needs that extra protection as she makes her way down the street.
Lavinia's is dressed in a knee length black rubber coat and black rubber boots and gloves and first finds a muddy puddle to make her way through and then comes the ditch. With a black rubber sou'wester added to her outfit she wades into the bottom until the water comes almost to the top of her boots. With an unattended digger nearby she cannot resist having to climb all over it before taking a seat on it. Kiti is wearing a very heavy long belted rubber coat and long, heavy duty Hood waders and she is out in the cold sun at the edge of a muddy field. Again with a sou'wester added she makes her way though the mud and then has to kneel down in it trying to push her waders into the mud as much as possible. This makes her smile and is very happy with the result. These two ladies are probably the two best rubber and mud lovers so more of this is going to be necessary this winter.


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