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HD Videos



22nd March

137 pics &
HD Video Clip


Suited to Navy
High Definition Video
Jet in Suited to Navy
9 mins 15 secs - 417 mb

A navy rain suit for Jet comprising of navy and white striped bib pants with a jacket to match. After the jacket is fully done up and she has hooded her self she uses the water hose to thoroughly soak her outfit and then after fixing the hose to the tree takes a shower as well. A sudden downpour so quickly outdoors and into the field in a long hooded heavy duty belted navy coat and navy striped wellies. The rain did not last long but enough to soak Jet's outfit though, which was the whole reason.
Beautiful ladies in red a colour that always looks good, is very popular and very glamorous at the same time. Siren and Kiti both agreed to the selection of the red ones, it was the first colour that they wanted. So for Kiti it was zip knee length hooded mac and for Siren a buttoned one. With both of the ladies with bare legs and wellies, this only enhanced the whole scene especially when they started pulling the hoods down over each others eyes. A very smart red trench coat with a matching hat and with red gloves and Hunter wellies was for Malika, this being a glamorous outfit for a very glamorous lady. With the coat fully buttoned and belted the collar turned up she opened up the red edged umbrella to complete her lovely outfit. Jessica was in a muddy field so a red Rukka style mac with red gloves purple Hunter wellies made for a very appropriate outfit as she kicked and laughed her way through the very muddy field. For Celeste it was knee length red mac which had the draw strings pulled tight around the mac bottom and her tight fitting hood. Looking very attractive with her short traditional red wellies and her arms pushed inside the mac sleeves she seemed very pleased with herself and quite rightly too.
John G has been a member for a long while and says he loves to see the ladies fully covered in their rainwear but now the weather is getting warmer is their any chance of seeing the ladies in wellies and summer dresses as this he also finds a beautiful sight. Of course there is but he does not have to wait on the weather as I do have these pics from a while ago that I am happy happy to put up. Myself in a short purple dress and black Hunter wellies watering my pot plants, Lavinia on top of the straw bales in striped wellies and bare legs, Michelle at the arbor in bright yellow wellies and her short leopard print dress and then Violet in white heavy Dunlop wellies to go with her white striped dress and very blonde hair.


15th March

114 pics &
HD Video Clip


Beautiful Yellow
High Definition Video
Helena in Beautiful Yellow
8 mins 05 secs - 309 mb

Bob D would love to see more with the yellow bib pants and Hunter wellies. I already had these pics and video and video made with different wellies so hope this will do in the mean time. Dressing late in the afternoon to go outside it had to be something light so yellow bib pants over a yellow jacket with a second yellow jacket over that did the job perfectly. Bright and beautiful on a cold winters day has to be the right way to go.
Five of my ladies once again dressed to please. Lily is wearing a bright red bib pant outfit with arms covers over a nylon jacket and over the top goes a long hooded clear mac which she does up around her and ties up the belt. Already nylon hooded she ties off the clear hood as tight as possible pulling the hood down over her eyes and nose and then lays down on the grass to show off her outfit. For Imogen it was just a short nylon blue jacket and short blue wellies, this leaving her bare legs on show, which was the whole idea. Emily is wearing a very long semi transparent black mac with red boots and gloves. The mac is left hanging loose and the hood tied tightly, this combination looking very pretty and effective. For Buffy it was a bright pink hooded mac and pink Hunter wellies and sitting in an environment she really enjoys and that is being surrounded by lots of other macs. The long loose fitting fitting retro mac that Lavinia is wearing came from the back of the row of macs and has not seen daylight for a long time. Seeing how lovely she looks in this it must come out again very soon.
This is Violet in the clear, clear macs that is for Rolf and all other clear mac fans. Out at the coast in a long glass clear ankle length trench coat which is fully buttoned and tightly belted on a very cold day. The mac is couple with a matching rain hat and black and white spotted wellies, the whole outfit looking very glamorous on a beautiful lady. Imogen is wearing a long hooded wet clear mac with red wellies and gloves. The mac was wet on the inside and outside and it was actually raining but only a light drizzle as we were hoping for more but this never happens at the right time. However she does look like a happy lady in her situation.


8th March

125 pics &
HD Video Clip


Horse Play
High Definition Video
Jessica in Horse Play
6 mins 05 secs - 236 mb

Jessica's love of horses has meant I had the chance to have her in the riding macs and waders on one of the horses she is now starting to look after. Of course they also need feeding so in an orange work suit she is also seen filling up their feeding cage.
It has been a long while since I have been able to get Jessica back on this site and I am very pleased that she is once again here. Horses have always been a part of her life so wanting to get one of the ladies on horse back while wearing waders, she was the obvious choice. First in a green riding coat and then in a yellow one she does indeed look so lovely sitting and riding on one of the older horses that she is now starting to look after in a new but very muddy field. She also looks very smart an glamorous with the macs fully buttoned up and tightly belted and her yellow tipped Lacrosse waders matching her yellow riding mac perfectly. Then changed into a blue Rukka mac with navy wellies she has to escort the horse across the very muddy paddock to the drier grass, all of this time with dark skies threatening to rain but never actually never doing so. Then in an orange work suit and wellies she has to load up the feeding cage with more straw and then check out the old fashioned water pump which is in the process of being connected. All in a days work for Jessica and something she has always reveled in.
Five more macs on five more lovely ladies can only be a good thing even if it is sunny, hot, cold or indoors. Lavinia is wearing a leopard print hooded mac with short traditional black wellies and she has the mac belted and with the hood pulled up to protect her from the very low sun. Mallory looking very happy in her long clear mac over her summer dress, taken a while ago when the weather was very hot. A cold wet day and Buffy is in an ankle length loose fitting yellow mac with silver Hunter wellies and she is having a ball playing about on the well top in the cold wet weather. A cold day for Celeste in her tiny lingerie, tights and wellies with her long blue mac. Even though it was bitterly cold she did not mind stepping outdoors to reveal her lingerie. Jade is looking very glamorous in her black and white outfit of white spotted mac with black spotted heeled wellies and posing on top of the table and revealing her legs is something she does so very well.


1st March

120 pics &
HD Video Clip


Loving Green
High Definition Video
Violet in Loving Green
4 mins 30 secs - 172 mb

Violet is first in a green Rukka mac and down at the beach, a trip which had to be cut short so next time she will be going back. Then on the muddy pathway in a heavy green trench coat with black rubber boots, gloves and sou'wester and looking even better once the mac was wet.
Four of my beauties out and about in their macs and boots. Ruby managed to find this huge puddle to kick her way through on her way back to the car. Her metallic Rukka style mac with the red Hunter wellies looking very smart and perfect for the weather and her surroundings. Violet is on the pier wearing a retro silver mac with a matching rain hat and with navy Hunter wellies. It was a bitterly cold day but Violet was still happy to pose and play around and did get admiring stares from several of the passer byes. It may look like a summers day but actually was a cold February day with the bright sun making it very deceptive. With Lavinia dressed in a long hooded shiny purple mac and purple patterned wellies she was very happy to be in the boat yard again as a boat like this is something she would love to have one day in the future. Celeste is dressed in a black heavy rubber coat with black rubber boots, gloves and sou'wester. The rubber is very wet to make it shine and it does always look better when water is running down it. Once onto the road she had to do a little tight rope walking down the white lines, just because she could.
Waders are so popular so here are a few more images before the ladies get wading properly in the water again, so these are for Willem, John K, Roger, John S and all wader fans. The only thing that needed doing was to put the water hose into the small pond to fill it up now all the leaves had been taken out, so waders were not really necessary but it seemed like a good idea to wear them along with the red work suit anyway. It also gave me the opportunity to hose them down as well while I was sitting on the edge of the garden pond and this sort of thing does make any chores so much more enjoyable.


22nd February

118 pics &
HD Video Clip


Nylon Cover
High Definition Video
Jade in Nylon Cover
6 mins 45 secs - 258 mb

Jade loves to dress up so having her fully dressed in nylon rainwear was a real pleasure for her. A green nylon suit over a Peter Storm jacket and then a long black hooded nylon coat along with gloves and boots and she was ready for the cold weather. She loved the muddy ditch even though it was covered in ice, the warmer weather is going to mean a much muddier Jade.
Capes can look so delightful and the ladies seem to love them too as being here is the only time any of them have actually ever worn them and when the capes are knee length and worn with wellies the pleasure of seeing them is only improved. Ruby is wearing a semi see thru purple nylon cape with purple patterned wellies and as there was unexpected sunshine silhouetting her against the bright sky has to be the best way to see her. With Jade wearing a short tartan skirt what could have been better than a short tartan cape and tartan wellies. She absolutely loved this cape and with her kicking her legs high into the air it was a good way to show the cape and herself off before she had a quick visit outdoors in it. For Lavinia it was a pink cape and purple 'Russian Doll' wellies and again with bright sunlight behind her as she made her way down the bridge stairs is a very glamorous result. Then comes myself in an orange nylon cape with my purple Hunter wellies and the cape was chosen because the wind was blowing and the wind blowing against a cape shows off just how useful they can be when the arms are tucked inside the cape. Is my favourite weather for a cape.
I know many love rubber, it has always been one of the most popular forms of rainwear and will probably always will be. So for all rubber lovers including Simon G who very politely asked for more rubber here is Siren on the edge of a golf course dressed in a very tightly belted black rubber rain coat, gloves knee high boots and sou'wester. It was a cold murky day so the coat and the rest of the outfit was very welcome and she does look gorgeous with the coat fully buttoned and the sou'wester tied onto her head. A full heavy rubber gallery is on its way very soon.


15th February

125 pics &
HD Video Clip


River Wading
High Definition Video
Lavinia in River Wading
7 mins 05 secs - 272 mb

Still too cold for swimming but not too cold for wading so Lavinia was very keen to get into the water again. In a long heavy rubber coat with sou'wester and gloves she dons her long heavy duty waders and heads out into the water to the tope of the waders. Splashing and kicking around in the cold water and always with a smile on her face.
Four more times with my ladies out and in and doing what brings smiles to their faces. Viol;et is wearing a cotton brown cotton very smart trench coat and is accompanied with silver Hunter wellies and being down at the coast on a very cold winters day the mac is fully buttoned and tightly belted which is the way a mac like this should always be worn. A fully clad rubber Lavinia could not wait fro the warmer weather to get wet again so adding adding long heavy Hunter waders and sou'wester to her rubber coat and gloves into the water she went. It was bright sunshine but still very cold so it had to be wading only until the weather warms up. Buffy loves the rainwear and never stops smiling when in a mac and boots. This times in a silver hooded Rukka style mac and silver Hunter wellies and sat onto a revolving stool she could not stop spinning herself around and admiring her boots to the extent she had to kiss them as well and easily being able to do this because of her very athletic body. Then comes Ruby all pretty in pink from her first photoshoot and finding a local place where she had not been before made it even more enjoyable.
Four very precious and beautiful ladies looking very lovely in their lingerie and macs. Jade is wearing just a pink K-Way cagoule and pink striped wellies and is sitting on the bedroom shelf showing off her bare legs. Hooded and kicking her legs outwards and up in the air does present one of the best way to decorate a shelf. Imogen has on a black spotted glass clear mac over her gorgeous black lingerie and is also wearing thigh length high heeled lace up patent boots. Standing first and then seated she undoes the mac to reveal her boots and bare legs. Then Malika is in a pink hooded mac with pink Hunter wellies and she shows off her lovely pink and black lingerie as she sits down onto the floor. For Fay it is a purple see thru plastic trench coat and short purple Hunter wellies and showing off her lingerie and wrapped the mac over it both produce a sight well worth seeing.


8th February

137 pics &
HD Video Clip


Clean & Tidy
High Definition Video
Helena in Clean & Tidy
12 mins 15 secs - 472 mb

There are always chores to be done and cleaning dirt muddy wellies is one of them, so dressed in a long red mac, red wellies and red rubber gloves with a flowered apron I found the best way to do it was to get down on the floor with the wellies. With the yellow, white and blue Hunter's done I had to show them off. Then with a clear mac over my black and white dress and high heels, a little dusting, putting logs on the fire and folding up a duvet does become that little bit more fun when dressed up.
Three beautiful ladies out in their rainwear and looking very glamorous at the same time. Ruby is wearing a see thru red plastic trench coat with red Hunter wellies and exploring a part of the river she did not know existed. She was tempted to enter the water to see how deep it was but decided it may be better to wait for a warmer day. With the mac fully buttoned, a matching rain hat and a red edged see thru umbrella she was then perfectly dressed for the wet weather which was forecast but unfortunately did not arrive. Celeste is in a shiny leopard print knee length retro mac with a lovely big collar and making her way back along the wet road. The short mac showing off her black Hunter wellies brilliantly and then with her looking even better after she folded over the top of the mac and bought up the high collar. Siren had to drop off a letter so had to stop for some pics at the same time in her green metallic mac with a matching rain hat and her short shiny black wellies. It was actually raining a little at this time so gloves and an umbrella were added to her outfit as she smiled and enjoyed her journey back to the car.
Scott wanted to see one of the ladies in a tartan mac if I had one. Unfortunately I do not, I do have a tartan cape coming very soon in a cape gallery but hopefully you will like Jade in her tartan skirt with a clear mac over the top. She looks very glamorous as her skirt is coupled with a strappy black top and red Hunter wellies and doesn't she look even more fantastic when she has belted the mac and tied the hood very tightly over her head. She also loves the Banksy image as you can see.


1st February

125 pics &
HD Video Clip

Violet & Helena

Ladies Who Mud
High Definition Video
Violet & Helena in Ladies Who Mud
8 mins 15 secs - 320 mb

I am sure many have heard the phrase 'ladies who lunch' well this is the rainwear version. Violet is dressed in full heavy rubber with coat, boots, gloves and sou'wester and out rolling around and covering herself in the wet mud. Then myself in blue getting stuck in the heavy mud and ending up with a a muddy mac and very muddy wellies.
Siren wanted to visit the plane museum before it closes as it it is moving to a new location out of town so it had to be a rainwear visit which happened to be on a foggy coldest winter day so far. So freezing cold in a red Rukka mac and red Hunter wellies she loved the Jaguar GR.1 and would have loved to get inside the cockpit and she was dwarfed by the Vulcan Bomber. Then in a white retro mac and wellies she had to examine the Whirlwind RAF rescue helicopter and added a rain bonnet for effect and to help with the cold wind. Back in town she wanted to stop and look at the American cars and motorbikes this had to be done in black short wellies and a knee length clear mac with a high collar. Whether you think the cars, the bikes or Siren is the most beautiful, it is up to you
I have many people who love to see the ladies fully covered in more than one mac and John G and Phil are two of these. This time John has asked if it is possible to see them in red with a clear mac over the top. That is a very welcome request and here is Imogen and Buffy wearing just that. Imogen is wearing a long clear hooded mac over a red riding mac with red Hunter wellies. She is out in the rain and with a huge smile on her face, of course. Buffy is wearing a red hooded mac with a see thru red trench coat over the top and in both cases with the macs fully done up they both look gorgeous.


25th January

117 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby & Siren

Cold Days
High Definition Video
Ruby & Siren in Cold Days
6 mins 20 secs - 246 mb

Very cold days but that does not stop Ruby or Siren from wanting to play in very cold icy water. Both of them very willing to get cold for the cause and with Ruby in a long navy mac and bare legs as well and Siren in a thin black semi transparent mac, they make everything just wonderful.
It has not rained here for quite a while now so the next best thing has to be to find some water as water and rainwear are inseparable, so on the edge of the water it had to be. Ruby is wearing a heavy duty navy mac and black rubber wellies and even though it was such a cold day she went bare legged under her mac and was still willing to go wading into the river. It was even colder when Siren saw this ford for the first time. She is wearing just a thin semi transparent long mac and short black wellies and again even though it was bitterly cold, into the water she went. Any doubt about how cold it was can be seen from the condensation coming out of her mouth as she breathes. Celeste was a lot more lucky as down at the weir was nearly as cold so a see thru red mac, gloves and red Hunter wellies were ideal. Climbing on the railings and taking a seat were all part of the fun and with her hood tightly fastened around her head the fun just got better.
A varied assortment of six beautiful rainwear dressed ladies for your approval. Jade is wearing a beautiful retro navy trench coat with blue wellies and is out in the sun when the weather was a lot warmer than it is now. She loves to dress up and loves the camera and in a tightly belted outfit like this the camera loves her as well. It was a lilac mac with a clear one over the top for Malika and she looks so glamorous and stunning when fully covered in rainwear. For Jet it was a green heavy duty riding mac with a green rubber swim cap and with the mac belted as tight as possible to emphasise her waist the two items look beautiful together. Them comes Lily in a yellow trench coat and yellow tipped waders, these two together are always a favourite with so many. Buffy is indoors in a white spotted mac and white goldfish wellies and finding a concertina rain bonnet in the pocket she has to tied it onto her head making it a perfect addition. Lastly a few images of a rubber clad Celeste with a sou'wester and heavy duty wellies.


18th January

112 pics &
HD Video Clip

Fay & Ruby

Blue with Cold
High Definition Video
Fay & Ruby in Blue with Cold
7 mins 05 secs - 272 mb

Blue rainwear with the cold weather that is and for this I have Fay and another new lady called Ruby for you. Fay is in a long loose fitting blue mac with blue Hunter wellies and for Ruby it is a blue striped mac with short blue wellies. Both are playing around in the ice covered mud and both are having a ball.
Three glamorous ladies in their lingerie and boots, this has to be rainwear at it's most glamorous and very best. Drew is sitting on the floor in front of the fire and she is wearing a long hooded clear mac over her beautiful black and pink lingerie and silver Hunter wellies on her bare legs. She slowly starts to undo the mac and as she reveals her lingerie she pulls up the hood and spreads her legs wide as she completes undoing the mac but leaving the hood in place. The smile on her face showing she must be happy with the result. Lily is outdoors on a sunny winters day with just a clear plastic trench coat over her lingerie. The mac is fully buttoned and it is coupled with grey wellies and soon a clear sou'wester matching her mac. The plastic may have been cold on her bare skin, but the effect does look good. To go with Jades red lingerie it had to be a see thru red mac, short red wellies and red gloves and with her sitting on a low chair she knows how to look so very glamorous as she undoes the mac and pulls the red hood up over her head and down over her eyes.
John G and Suzie love to see gas masks being worn with the macs and John has asked to see something with the gas mask is wet and fogged up , if possible. Yes it is possible and here is Malika with her gas mask and her hooded mac and silver Hunter wellies and after she had donned the mask a water spray soon created the fogged up effect which does look quite delightful and even better when she opens up her umbrella as well. Then comes Imogen in her wet macs and tightly hooded over her vintage wet gas mask with fogged up eye pieces and the gas mask tube wrapped around her waist.


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