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HD Videos

22nd October

124 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena & Elle

Custard Cream
High Definition Video
Helena & Elle in Custard Cream
7 mins 45 secs - 287 mb

Elle and myself in long macs, boots and gloves and outdoors with custard and squirty cream to cover Elle with. Elle is always happy to do this and I am quite happy to join her when I have the pleasure of throwing a bucket of water over her and then use a water hose on her to clean her off afterwards.
Out with Drew and finding some mud to stamp around in and out with Elle covering her is custard and cream. My day out with Drew meant we found some mud to stamp around in with our heavy black boots and me having to help Drew out of the mud as she managed to get stuck even though it was not deep it was very sticky. Both of us were in long semi transparent hooded black macs, Drew's was belted and mine had to hang loose when I realised I had forgotten the belt to mine. It was a great location on a perfect day as it had been raining and we had found a small flood just close to the road and to Drew's house, so we will know where to go again next time. With Elle and both of us very well covered in macs, rubber gloves and wellies it was time for custard and cream. Elle delighting in running the custard though her hands before smoothing it all over her, with my help of course. After the custard came the cream which again had to be rubber all over her body, back and front. Then getting her to pose I threw a bucket of water over her which was followed by the water hose and then of course the cuddling up to each other, the best way to always end a time like this.
Trying to catch the last of the warmer weather meant that Drew and Jessica still got to enjoy the warm weather. Drew is out in a very long loose fitting navy mac over her very short skirt and traditional short black rubber wellies. It was dry and the sun was shining so taking a little lie down on the grass gave her chance to look even more cute. Betty in a shiny red tightly belted Rukka style mac and looks very stunning as she drapes herself along the fence before bringing up the hood on the mac and pushing her hands into the pockets as a little extra protection against the wind. Jessica is wearing a yellow plastic trench coat and with a mixture of warm wind and sun, a yellow sou'wester to complete her outfit before venturing out in the sun had to be the ideal addition. It certainly seemed to make Jessica happy enough. Elle loves my new boxing bag (something I have started recently) as she spends a lot of time in the gym and wearing a red mac and wellies she just had to have a play around with it. She can have a play around mine at any time.

15th October

134 pics &
HD Video Clip

Properly Dressed
High Definition Video
Celeste in Properly Dressed
8 mins 05 secs - 299 mb

By properly dressed, on this occasion I mean she is completely covered in rainwear . Over her work suit is a long black mac, then a see thru green one, a second pair of rubber gloves and then a clear trench coat worn backwards. Then with a purple mac draped over her shoulders and a gas mask she is ready for the water hose which has the delightful effect of fogging up her gas mask.
With the weather now cooling down this is my favourite time of the year and is just perfect for rainwear as it is wet and not yet too cold. More of Jessica on her new property and where nylon jackets and coats are very suitable wear for the work that has to be done. A navy Peter Storm nylon cagoule with navy Hunter wellies coupled with a long navy nylon mac look great by themselves or together. A lot of rain the night before so it was a long belted sliver trench coat and silver Hunter wellies for me, with a matching umbrella just in case the rain started again. A stop by the roadside on the way home as it is difficult to ignore the puddles when you are dressed as I am. For Fay down at the river it was a vintage style loose fitting black mac and shiny black boots. A matching black rain hat and she was ready for the expected rain, but the sun came out instead!
Roy H has been a member for a long while now and says the more he sees of the riding coats the more he loves them. It was not something that attracted him at first, it was only seeing the images here that he started to realise how much he likes them. Always being a fan of heavier belted macs he now finds these images 'totally wonderful' (his words). Here is Ammalia in the green coat, tightly belted of course as well as a sou'wester which I think always looks good with black rubber boots and gloves as well. Drew and myself are wearing beige riding macs and riding boots when we last got together and taking a seat on the park bench was a good reason to get close to her.

8th October

114 pics &
HD Video Clip
Helena & Drew

A Lucky Find
High Definition Video
Helena & Drew in A Lucky Find
7 mins 40 secs - 285 mb

Getting lost while giving Drew a lift home turned out to be a very lucky thing as we came across the Ford you see here, which appears to have water all the year around. So in vintage macs and wellies we had to do what had to be done, topped off with vintage rain bonnets as well.
Jessica has just moved into a new house in the country and was very keen to have a wander around the pathways at the edge of her property and this had to be a good opportunity. So dressed in a belted shiny blue mac and blue wellies on a sunny day she was very impressed with what she saw and even though she could have walked through her gate she decided to close and climb over it instead which has to be the way to go. Drew is in the ford, this time in a red loose fitting vintage mac with a matching rain bonnet. Red patterned wellies and a coloured striped umbrella accompanied her as she made her way into the middle of the water so she could scoop up some of the water into the umbrella. Celeste is wearing a beautiful vintage Klepper mac which has not seen the light of day recently and this had to be a good time for her to be seen it. Loose fitting with the beautiful Klepper trademark frill across the back of the shoulders and with grey knee high vintage boots she really does look quite stunning and glamorous as she makes her way along the beach head.
More good times with my ladies. Ammalia loves my rainwear collection and is happy to keep on looking through it and pulling different macs out to admire. She is so enthusiastic about the collection that I hope she is going to stay for a very long time for that is what it will take if she is to wear over 400 macs and over 100 pairs of wellies as well as countless, swim hats, waders, rubber gloves, sou'wester's, umbrellas and gas masks. A day out with Drew and a lucky find in this Ford next door to a water mill. With us both in vintage shiny pvc trench coats and spotted wellies it really was a perfect find as any excuse to splash around in water just has to be taken. A walk along the bridge and out came the concertina rain bonnets which look very good with macs like this. A little fooling around on the bridge just had to be done as well as this is what this is all about. At home with Luci and with us both plonked down on the sofa in pink macs and black and white star wellies taking a well deserved break, well we think we deserve it anyway. A good excuse to cuddle up each other should also be taken so that is what we did with Luci being very happy about the fact she is dressed in pink.

1st October

116 pics &
HD Video Clip

Pick Me
High Definition Video
Drew in Pick Me
5 mins 40 secs - 209 mb

There is a huge abundance of blackberries this year and Drew wanted to go and collect some so this was the perfect excuse for to take a trip through the hedgerows dressed in mac and boots to protect her from the nettles and thorns. So it was a long heavy navy hooded mac and short black traditional style wellies and even though it was quite warm she was happy to have the mac fully zipped up and the hood pulled up around her head. She found plenty of what she was looking for but had eaten most of them by the time she was back in the house, but she did have a god time anyway.
The month of September has been one of the driest on record with plenty of sunshine. This is not going to last for much longer so it has to be a good idea to get the ladies out in rainwear in the sunshine while it lasts. Jessica is in a long glamorous slinky navy mac and riding boots, the boots being very appropriate as she is in the paddock with some of her horses. The light wind was a good excuse to bring the macs hood up which only again attracted the attention of her horses again. Betty is out in the garden in a pink mac and pink flowered wellies, the bright sunshine making her bring up the hood on her mac as well as it was burning the back of her head. With the hood tightly tied she was happy to kick her legs in the air as she admired her pink wellies. Buffy is down at the river in a red mac with a matching hat and could not wait to get into the river and splash about. The water spilt over into her wellies which she did on purpose to help to cool down a little but did not realise just how cold the water might be.
Kay T says they like to see belts on the macs buckled or tied as tight as possible and the hoods pulled tight and tied around the face and here is Drew and Betty dressed just like that. Drew is in a blue striped mac with a blue buckled belt done up as tight as it could be. Her hood is also tied tightly with the draw strings tied around the back of the head which pulls the hood in tighter against her neck. Betty is in a very long blue mac with a very tightly tied wide belt and she is more than happy to then show off just how small she can make her waist go. Again tightly hooded as well and it is easy to see why Kay T likes the look of this type of image.

24th September

129 pics &
HD Video Clip

Nylon Decisions
High Definition Video
Elle in Nylon Decisions
11 mins 40 secs - 434 mb

Having a selection of nylon rainwear to choose from meant Elle had to make decisions on what to wear. Already wearing a Peter Storm jacket and trousers she started with a second pair of trousers and rubber boots. Then came the coloured jacket which she put on over the other and gathered up all the other jackets and adjourned outdoors. Here she added a long nylon coat and changed her boots for waders and then proceeded to wet the other jackets and her nylon coat with the water hose. She then slipped another jacket on backwards so she could then pull the nylon hood up over her face to immerse herself completely into nylon rainwear.
This shows just how glamorous the ladies can look while wearing rainwear over their lingerie. Ammalia is wearing vintage style lingerie and a short blue nylon jacket and high heels.. She was more than happy to first show off what she was wearing and then to zip and button up the jacket before she took a seat on the small chair. Then with the hood up she slowly pulled it tighter by the draw strings as she moved around in the chair relishing the feel of the nylon jacket on her bare skin. Standing up again was a way of showing her bare legs and high heels which with the jacket is a very lovely combination. Bella wanted to show off her new lingerie and with a long semi transparent black mac and black lace up boots this was the best way to do just that. Pink haired Elle loved the pink plastic skirt as well as the pink plastic hooded and jacket and pink boots. Just this and the tiniest pair of knickers was all that was needed for this lady out in the sun. Topless under the pink jacket her body showed through in the loveliest view you can imagine and her micro plastic skirt and her jacket were the perfect partners for each other.
With the weather changing it is a case of getting capes out in the sun as quick as possible before the sun disappears for the winter and it will be too cold to see the ladies in very little clothing under their capes. Here is Drew in a see thru ankle length purple cape over a tight fitting summer dress and silhouetted against the sun. This should make Arne and Simon S very happy as they have both been asking to see more images like this. As a bonus the wind picked up which made the pics even better.

17th September

135 pics &
HD Video Clip

All Puffed Up
High Definition Video
Helena in All Puffed Up
10 mins 40 secs - 397 mb

The weather has started to get colder so a little practice for the cold wet weather has to be acceptable behaviour. A full length beautiful navy Parksite puffa coat fully zipped and buttoned down to my ankles and then a long clear mac over the top compressing the padding in the coat in the most delightful way. After this is was a long yellow mac over a black padded coat. Like this I am ready for any weather.
A little more of five of my ladies, all looking quite wonderful. Jessica is in a long pink mac and striped wellies and looks stunning with a semi clear black mac worn open over the top. With her hands in the pockets of the pink mac and both hoods pulled up she manages to look so glamorous and beautiful just by leaning against the wall. Of course she has to do up the top black mac as well but still cannot resist showing off the pink one as well. Elyssia found a clear spotted rain bonnet in the pocket of her white spotted mac, so with that tied across her head and the collar turned up and her white wellies she looks gorgeous. Fay likes the nylon macs and jackets so just had to go with this long black nylon coat again just for the fun of it. For Ammalia and Celeste it was playing around in the collection time. With Ammalia in blue and Celeste in red they were both very happy to immerse themselves in the row of macs.
A smart blue tightly belted blue mac and lovely white Hunter wellies making for a little interlude as I returned to the house after walking my dog. The weather has started to get colder so a little practice for the cold wet weather has to be acceptable behaviour. A full length beautiful navy Parksite puffa coat fully zipped and buttoned down to my ankles and then a long clear mac over the top compressing the padding in the coat in the most delightful way. Then outdoors and both hoods were done up, again compressing the puffa hood down close to my face and with silver gloves and umbrella to match my wellies a little apple picking followed which put the umbrella to good use. Then came a very shiny black puffa coat and a long yellow mac, both fully done up and hooded of course. I was quite happy to lay about on the lawn just as I was when I had to hood myself as tight as possible which is always a lovely thrill but even more so with the puffa coat underneath the mac. This is something I really am coming to love more and more. A blue and yellow short reversible jacket and yellow wellies made an ideal combination to go outdoors in as these jackets are are a good way to show off the wellies. Being tightly hooded again only makes the whole appearance so much more appealing.

10th September

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

Wet is Better
High Definition Video
Celeste in Wet is Better
8 mins 40 secs - 323 mb

Wet macs look so much better when worn on top of each other. When they stick together and all the water is showing through is quite a delightful sight and Celeste thinks so too. So in a long black mac she first puts on long clear one and then with a water bottle sprays that mac and a second clear one before donning that as well. It is then out in the sun and the wet macs had a second advantage, that is helping her to stay cool.
Ladies in wellies is always a lovely sight and when they are wearing little else apart from their rubber boots the sight goes up through the roof. Drew was down at the sea edge and could not resist posing in her purple Hunter wellies and her very short skirt and bare legs and just to prove how fit her body is she could easily bring her booted leg onto the top of the railing. Tabby is in very skimpy bra and pants and purple swirl wellies with an umbrella in the doorway. The combination of lingerie, wellies and umbrella really is one that is hard to beat. The comes myself in black girdle and lingerie along with my shiny red Hunter wellies and also another pair of red toe capped wellies on a tray that had to be put away and this seemed just like the perfect way of doing it. Ivory is in the garden in a retro style bikini and heavy black loose fitting Argyll wellies and she also show that she can get her leg onto the top of the post so she can rub her hands up and down her boots. A lingerie clad Elyssia has changed from her high heels into a pair of red and white wellies which had to be a very good idea. Blossom is out in the field in a short summer dress and climbing over a gate in her glossy pink Hunter wellies which is a good way to show then off to anyone who is watching. Red lingerie for Anita so it had to be shiny red wellies and a red rubber swim hat all of which goes together so very well. Out in the sun and you have the most glamorous outfit for the sunshine. Then it is Drew again, this time in white Hunter wellies, a pair of tiny white knickers and nothing else. With her legs kicking high in the air, wellies can never look any better than this.
John Dee loves the more glamorous look when the girls are in rainwear and that means high heels and clear macs. He also loves blondes and particularly Elyssia who he thinks is absolutely gorgeous. Also he says that the long clear trench coat that Elyssia is wearing is by far the best mac he has ever seen as it looks like such a quality item. It is just that and one of the macs that all of the girls loves as well. Elyssia, the clear trench coat with high heels and the rain hat should hopefully make John a very happy rainwear lover.

3rd September

118 pics &
HD Video Clip
Drew & Helena

Boot Hill
High Definition Video
Drew & Helena in Boot Hill
7 mins 45 secs - 288 mb

Drew has played around with the boot collections and could not wait to do it again so in a semi clear red trench coat she was happy to sort through and find a pair she liked and was then joined by me, as why should she have all the fun. Together we covered ourselves in lovely wellies and cuddled up each other at the same time.
More lovely moments from my times with my ladies. I am so happy that Ammalia is back with me and being with her all dressed up as we are is an absolute delight for me and for her, so she says. With us both in glass clear macs and high heels and ready to cuddle up to each other it just had to be done. Playing with each others hoods and pulling them down over our eyes was just the icing on the cake. More from when I was out with Michelle, this time with us both in striped macs and wellies and down on the promenade on a windy day. The drawstring waists tied as tight as possible and then the mac hoods treated the same after we had found a bench out of the wind, them meant we were properly dressed for the weather in hand. A return to the bench gave me a chance to drape myself over a macked Michelle, something she seemed to relish in, as I always do.
A Little more of the beautiful Ammalia all dressed in pink with striped wellies and playing around in front of the fence she found she could easily lift her booted feet off the floor by hanging off the top of the fence which provides a delightful image as it does when she tightens her hood as tight as possible which brings a lovely smile to her face. The lovely blonde Siren in a big loose fitting red mac and red flowered wellies was more than happy for the protection the mac provided as the wind was strong and there was a little fine rain which unfortunately did not develop in anything better. She could have walked through the gate but wanted to climb over it instead, so why not? With the big hood pulled up over her head she was the content to sit on top of the gate which had to be a good idea. Celeste is out in the sun in a long blue mac and red wellies. She makes a big show of pulling on her tight fitting rubber gloves after tying the mac belt as tight as possible. This leaves her silhouetted against the sun which was the desired and perfect result.

27th August

133 pics &
HD Video Clip

A Wet Wash
High Definition Video
Helena in A Wet Wash
7 mins 40 secs - 286 mb

The car needed a wash so a green nylon suit, green Hunter wellies and green rubber gloves were donned as the most suitable outfit for the task in hand. I actually ended up a lot wetter than the car as the water hose on a hot day did help me a lot to stay cool and nylon outfits do look so much better when wet.
There always is lots of smiles from these lovely ladies, Michelle, Siren and Buffy when they come around or end up dressed in rainwear, the fact they are so happy to be here must be the reason they keep coming back. Michelle always brings with her her own blue wellies as another excuse to wear them is always taken by her. So to go with her blue wellies, it had to be a blue hooded mac and blue gloves. When the mac had been fully buttoned and tightly belted and then the hood tied around her face, this just left her beautiful smile as well as her lovely outfit on view. Siren would have loved to play in my new pool but with it not being completed she had to make do with sitting on the edge in her metallic mac and very bright red wellies. Again after hooding herself the smile seems to be that little big bigger. Buffy's trip out was completed with a nylon trouser suit and lace up wellies. She took great delight in zipping up the nylon jacket and then playing around on the fence. Then up came the hood and after a lie down on a fallen tree she finished off with a little paddle in the river.
I am very glad that Ammalia has returned to us from her native Italy as I was afraid I might have lost her after such a little while. She is so beautiful and glamorous and wearing a glass clear mac over her lingerie and high heels she has such a lovely ability to look stunning just by sitting on a chair. Drew also has the ability to look wonderful no matter what she is doing or what she is wearing, but here is a super way to make waders look so glamorous, give them to Drew to wear. In a short navy Peter Storm nylon jacket and little else she was very happy to change her Hunter wellies for a pair of Hunter waders. First on the lawn with her legs stretched apart and then standing with her legs as wide as possible and her jacket pulled up to show the tiniest pair of panties was difficult to beat. But beat that she did by hooding herself and then moving over to the fence and bringing one leg as high up the fence as possible to show off how nimble her body is. She then pulled up the jacket higher and higher to show all that she was not wearing anything under the jacket apart from the panties. In white lingerie and a clear mac she is wearing long heavy Bullseye waders and again showing just how wonderful waders can look on a beautiful woman.

20 th August

119 pics &
HD Video Clip

Stick in the Mud
High Definition Video
Blossom in Stick in the Mud
9 mins 35 secs - 359 mb

Nobody could ever call Blossom a 'stick in the mud' as she is always ready for anything. That is except on this occasion when in a red Rukka and shiny red wellies she really does get stuck in the very sticky stinky mud. Having a stick to help her on her way was an asset and the gas mask helped to take away the smell for her.
A few more snapshots of my rainwear life and very nice it is too. Having a black and white Siberian Husky dog that needs regular exercise, full white rainwear on a dull day did seem the most appropriate wear so it was a long white hooded mac and white Hunter wellies as a little colour coordination is never a bad idea. Actually dressing in the rainwear always has been the best thing about what we do. Putting the macs, boots and gloves on, actually doing up the buttons, belt and the hood and enclosing yourself in tight rainwear is always a pleasure. So when you have the chance of doing it twice, why wouldn't you? A blue striped mac over a longer yellow one does look so very good too. A red Rukka mac and big heavy black rubber boots and big heavy long rubber gloves worn over the macs sleeves is the right thing to wear if you want to play around with the water butt. This was ten minutes after this new riding mac arrived and isn't it lovely and will be an absolute delight for the winter and for my new riding boots, which I have yet to buy, as I think more riding macs and boots will be finding their way into my collection. A long red plastic trench coat and matching hat with red wellies and a red umbrella for the day when you just have to wear all of the same colour. A short clear rain jacket to show off my new riding boot style Hunter wellies. The clear jacket being the right length when you have to try on something like this for the first time.
Bob B would like to see the girls in yellow rain suits which is always a possibility but not being sure if he prefers the see thru plastic type or the solid colour work type suit. The answer to this predicament was to have Drew in both. So in yellow plastic suit and yellow Hunter wellies and lazing around on a plastic covered bed had to be one way to make Drew look lovely. Then in a yellow work suit and heavy orange rubber work boots ,climbing on and jumping off a parked up trailer she found most delightful. Then as she was dressed for work she did help me move all of the cut down tree branches to the rubbish pile.

13th August

121 pics &
HD Video Clip
Blossom & Helena

Staying Cool
High Definition Video
Helena & Blossom in Staying Cool
6 mins 55 secs - 258 mb

Two hot days and a good way to cool off when in rainwear in the hot sun is to find some water. I was dressed in a clear mac and then soaking another in the pools water helped a lot. There was no water for a rubber dressed and gas masked Blossom but she did put the water hose to very good use. Again water on rubber rainwear does look so very good and even better when the lady who is dressed in the rainwear is flashing off her bare booted legs at the same time.
Fay is in a long loose fitting tightly hooded blue mac and black Hunter wellies and managed to find a digger sitting around doing nothing so it just had to be climbed on and then jumped off from. Then of course she made her way to the muddy puddles because if they are there they should not be ignored, should they? A very hot day and Kitty is in a nylon suit and bare footed. She had kicked off her boots as she wanted to walk barefoot in the damp grass as she likes that feeling. A big black plastic sheet and Elle in a blue mac and gold Hunter wellies. She could not resist rolling around on the plastic and hooding herself against the sun gave her an excuse to stay where she was a little longer. Buffy admits she has always been a bit of a tomboy and climbing trees is just one of the things she will do whenever she gets the chance. Here she had the chance but she had to do it barefoot in a long clear rain mac, not that this spoilt her day, just the opposite. She is quite happy to dress in whatever is needed if it means she gets to do this.
Capes are always popular and so is Buffy as she always looks so happy so when you put the two together out in the sun you have something that Arne, Paul S and Simon will love. In a blue and yellow reversible cape and blue laced wellies she was more than happy to cover herself up with a cape as this gives her chance to play around as she loves the freedom a cape gives to her body. Having the hood tied tightly is also never a problem as she prefers it this way.

6th August

123 pics &
HD Video Clip

Rubber & Water
High Definition Video
Anita in Rubber & Water
9 mins 05 secs - 337 mb

Anita dressed in a very heavy rubber mackintosh over her lingerie, heavy black rubber wellies, long rubber gloves and a sou'wester. Then with the mac fully buttoned and belted she slowly climbs into my new garden pool and lays herself down in it. The hose is used to spray herself with more water and as it was such a hot day and being dressed in full heavy rubber the cool water was quite a relief for her.
A rainy day for me, it was after the nights rain fro Buffy and waiting on the possible rain for Drew. Making my way from one side of the road to the other, back to my car via the foot bridge and it actually decided to rain at the 'right' time. With myself in a red hooded mac and red Hunter wellies it was perfect timing which makes a nice change. It was much later the same day and I was at the boat yard with Kean doing some boat window shopping and it had stopped raining but gave me the chance to dress in a purple pvc mac and purple cobweb wellies. Buffy is in a long black pvc mac and kicking around in the previous nights puddles in her short black traditional style wellies. She thought that putting the matching hat on it would increase the chance of rain, that did not work so next time she will be doing a rain dance. Out of the wind it was quite warm so Drew was in a very short black hooded mac and purple Hunter wellies and a skirt even shorter than her jacket which did mean she had a lot of bare leg on show and climbing onto the railings was an even better way to show everything off.
I think that rubber rainwear never looks better than when it is covered in water and very wet and shiny. Anita has been proving my point by dressing in a very heavy rubber mackintosh over her lingerie, heavy black rubber wellies, long rubber gloves and a sou'wester. Then with the mac fully buttoned and belted she slowly climbs into my new garden pool and lays herself down in it. The hose is used to spray herself with more water and as it was such a hot day and being dressed in full heavy rubber the cool water was quite a relief for her. Another wonderful sight follows when she unbuttons her mac and shows off her wet body and lingerie under her heavy coat.

30th July

103 pics &
HD Video Clip

Filling her Boots
High Definition Video
Drew in Filling her Boots
5 mins 05 secs - 189 mb

Drew at the edge of the sea in a red Rukka mac and purple wellies. She was happy to venture out into the water until her boots filled up and even though the sea was very cold it did not take the smile off her face. Then finding herself a seat on the Breaker you see her empty out her wellies.
We are a lot of sunny hot days at the moment so when it comes to rainwear out in the sun there is little need to wear very much underneath it. Celeste was in a black Rukka mac and very little else and wanted to see my new 'pool' that I am building in the garden. Not quite finished at this stage but Celeste was quite happy to keep her mac on and bring up the hood in the hot sun at she laid around on the edge of it. Drew was wearing just a tiny black bikini and with it a long lilac mac and wellies. The sun went in as soon as she went outside but being so hot she had to undo the mac to show off her boots and body but luckily enough decided to keep the hood tightly tied around her beautiful face. Elle had the delightful combination of a very feminine short transparent plastic red trench coat with only a pair of knickers and big heavy black rubber boots with red toe caps. Again undoing her mac in this weather had to be the way to go. I have been purchasing quite a few clear macs lately and when it was time to try them on the only clothes I needed was lingerie and pink spotted wellies. First wearing the pink edged one and then the black I was able to rinse off the pink one and then drape that over me helping to keep myself cool in the hot sun.
When out with Michelle as the weather got a little colder we decided it must be time to don the riding coats. With them tightly belted and fully buttoned against the cold, it was also very windy down at the edge of the sea so we took shelter at the beach wall. A handy little extra came in the form of black rubber sou'westers which I have always thought go well together with riding macs. I know rob will like the riding macs and also that Mick W will love the added sou'westers.


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